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Purpose Stadium Tour

Well hello everybody. This post is going to be kind of different form the usual ones because it's less for the world out there to read, but more for me to reread and remember later on (and also: my inner Belieber is probably occasionally showing trough, haha). With this said, I think it's pretty clear by the title what this is about - I was lucky enough to be able to go and see mah good old buddy (let your girl dream, okay?) Justin Drew Bieber at the Purpose Tour here in Switzerland on June 15th 2017 - not that I didn't pay for it, the concert surely cost me a sack of money, sweat and stress - but in my opinion it was more than worth it and i would do it again any time.
Concerts are generally something I enjoy very much (who doesn't anyway), no matter what kind of concerts. From classical orchestras to very modern concerts like this one, I like them all. Music brings people with different views, opinions and religions together again and again and that's what i …

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