Festive Tangerine Stars

Hello everybody! I know christmas is over and the new year started but I always like to 
decorate my room. So I did the tangerine-stars some time ago but I think they
are very festive and it's still winter so why not? 

on picture A you see what you need:
1. a tangerine
2. some small cookie cutters

picture B:
first you need to peel your tangerine. You can eat the tangerine, we need just the peel (Uhmmm...) 

picture C:
After peeling the tangerine you can excel some pieces of the peel.

picture D (last step): 
Now you need to let the stars dry for two or three days. You just can put them on
a baking sheet and but it anywhere where it is worm and the air shouldn't be too wet...

after that can you do with them what you want... you can put them on your desk or anywhere else. If you let them dry for a very long time, they will smell very good! You can put them around a some candles or somewhere else. Do what you want, just have fun!

xx :)

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