Spring Favourites 2015

Hi everyone! I think monthly favorites are a little bit too often because I don't change my favorites so much that I could do a new blog post every month about them. I decided to do a favorite post every season. Here are my spring favs!

Honestly, spring is my favorite season. I love it when the flowers come and everything starts to grow. I love it when the sun comes and the clouds disappear. It's every year a little bit different. Daisy flowers are my absolute favorites, but I think every single flower created by the nature is beautiful. Not one of them is perfect, but they still look wonderful. I think that's what makes them beautiful.

Favorite books

The favorite books at the moment are if I stay by Gayle Forman, the fault in our stars by John Green and The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. All of these books are pretty popular, but they are all very well written. I absolutely suggest all of these books!

The Mollie Makes Magazines aren't really books but I want to show you this beautiful magazine. Mollie Makes is also a blog but I prefer to read the magazine. It's a magazine filled with creativity and beautiful ideas. DIY ideas, interviews, and a lot of different stuff all around handmade things.

Other Favorites

Here are my favorite apps. I think the most used app on my phone is twitter. I love looking what other people tweet! ( click here for my twitter ) Snapchat is also an app I use very often. I can send creepy and ugly selfies of myself and the other one can't keep them. That makes me fun! Instagram and Gmail I just use to check out what's happening in the world (twitter too). I also do use WhatsApp every day. On the blogger app I write some of my blog posts if the laptop is used by someone else of my family. PicCollage is an very good app if you want to create collages and explore other people's collages. And on YouTube, oh what a surprise! On YouTube I watch YouTube videos! Either world wide popular videos or YouTubers. Here's a little sneak peak to the YouTube channels I subscribe!

So here are my spring favorites! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I know it's a pretty long blog post but I actually enjoyed writing it and taking all of these pictures! I know I didn't put in some clothes. The reason why I didn't do that is, because my wardrobe is filled with terrible stuff at the moment and because I don't really have any spring clothes yet. Tank you for visiting my blog! See you soon!


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