Finally Summer

Hello everyone! It's summer! I just love summer and I hope you too. Sunsets, barbecues, swimming in pools, flowers everywhere, daylight until 9 o'clock - all stuff we only have in summer! It's summer and I've got my inspiration back :) I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time! I was very busy and honestly, I had no post ideas.

Things I Want To Do This Summer

Write more and regular blog posts
One of the things I want to change this summer, is to write more blog posts. I'd like to write at least one post every month. Summer is my favorite season and I hope it will inspire me a lot, so I won't have the problem with not having any post ideas.

Reading a lot more books
I really enjoy reading but in the last few months I haven't had enough time to read very much so I hope I'm gonna have the chance to read a little bit more.

Workout regular
I'm not a very casual girl but I quite like sports and I really want to workout a lot more and regular to get a healthier body and - summer is coming so it's Bikini-time now! I don't want to lose weight but I think some muscles do just look great! I mean, I don't want to become an Ironman or something like that but I just think, to workout regular can't be bad for my body so I'll just try it!

Spend less time on social media and on my computer
Well, on one side I want to write a lot more blog posts, but on the other side I don't want to spend all of my free time on social medias. I think spending that much time on social media and on my computer can't be good for the psyche and for the body and especially not for the social life of a teenager.

Buy and read the "Girl Online" book by Zoella
So I really want to buy the book by Zoella because I haven't ever heard something bad about it. I don't have a clue why but I just haven't bought the book yet...

enjoy the summertime and having fun time with friends
I think you probably know it - you look forward to summer the whole year ant then - suddenly - it's autumn and you haven't really realized that summer has already passed. I make this mistake almost every year and this time when you realize that you've made the same mistake again is never a comfortable moment.
Celebrating parties, sleepovers, spending a day with friends on a pool... All that stuff I use to see only on TV. I do spend a lot of time with friends and I use(d) to sleep a lot on my friends houses but spending time with my friends is most of the time only to finish something for school and on sleepovers we usually end up watching a film we all have seen a million times yet. I don't know why it is like this and of course there are also sleepovers who are very fun and I look back to for months. I realized some days ago, that I'm gonna be in a different school class next year. Some of my friends I know since 1st grade and one I know since I've been 1 year old and in the next school year I won't be in a class with most of them anymore. Thinking about that makes me very sad and I already miss them now. But one day I lay and I had some little philosophic thoughts. The result of these thoughts were, that I shouldn't be sad about what was but being happy with what is right now and what will come.

Some Summery Pics

My favorite summer songs


My favorite summer song ever is "summer paradise" by simple plan because 1. i just love the melody and the music and 2. because I really like what this song makes me feel like. Every time I hear this song I could start to dance and this song actually was the first song in my music collection (more than 900 songs at the moment (collection's still growing)). It also was the first song I found out the name myself ;) I use(d) to listen to this song every summer since it was written and because of that, there are some more memories related to this song.


Who doesn't love it? Danza Kuduro by Don Omar, the typical latino music what makes everyone dance!

I really need to drink something right now and my computer is running out of battery so I hope you've had fun reading my summer summery summer post and I'll see u soon!


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