Good Old Switzerland

Howdy! I think, not very many or maybe even no one of you knows where I live.  I decided that I wouldn't tell you because I don't want to put my whole life on the internet (→ About Me) but one day, I thought, there are 8 million people living in Switzerland so this won't tell you very much about me. So I think I'm gonna tell you some stuff about Switzerland...

Switzerland is a very very very very small country between Germany, France, Austria and Italia. I speak Swiss-german and I think there is no other country in the world where people understand this language. It actually is just a kind of normal German language but even German people sometimes don't really understand Swiss people. In Switzerland has also got parts where people speak French, Italian and a teeny tiny region where people speak Rhaeto-Romanic. I don't think you know this language.... I actually don't too ;) Another think about Switzerland is, that it isn't a part of the EU. I don't have a clue why... Switzerland is IN the continent Europe, probably almost somewhere in the middle. However, Switzerland is not a part of the EU. And normal shops like primary, topshop and other shops aren't available in Switzerland what can be very annoying!

Another thing what's pretty funny is 1. that Switzerland always gets confused with Sweden and 2. that the Swiss flag looks a like the Red Cross "Flag" but reversed and sometimes, in films or other TV Shows is the Swiss flag on the doctors rucksack.

So I hope you've learned something about me and also about Switzerland so where do you come from? I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave a comment below!

Byeee, hope I'll write to you soon!

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