The Emoji Challenge

Howdy, everyone! Because of the fact that I think we all love emojis on apps like WhatsApp or other apps and social media and because I saw a lot of YouTubers doing the Emoji Challenge and I thought 'Why can't I do this on my blog too...?' The Emoji Challenge actually is about emojis (haha, very intelligent...). I'm gonna show you my favorite/most used emojis and the emojis that describe me the best. I kind of see it as a chance to let you know me a little bit better.... So because I don't think I've got a lot more to say right now... let's get into it!

My favorite/most used Emojis:

Here are my six most used emojis! I think I use the smiling one on the left that much because I'm generally a quite happy person and I don't really enjoy texting about sad stuff so I use to tell funny things, or rather things I think they are funny ;) and so I use this emoji to express my happiness ;)) hahaaa and yes, I sometimes am sad! But I think it helps more to really TALK about sad things and not text other people. I don't know how it is for you, I know it is a lot easier to talk about feelings and stuff like that if you don't see the 'live reaction' of the person you're telling and a lot of people are a lot more honest on text messages but I think it's just coward if you tell people what you think about them in a text message and it isn't nice. I think a lot of people would't be brave enough to say this face to face to this person. So please, please do tell people directly if you're annoyed by someone and don't tell everyone else behind the back of this person! I know it can be really hard if someone tells you that he doesn't like you but I think it's still better than if someone's telling you that this one person sad, that this person said that he doesn't like you. You can't be liked by everyone but you can focus on the people that do like you and not care about the people that don't like you!

The watermelon and the ice cream are very much used by me! I generally use a lot of food emojis because I'm always hungry and because if I'm really REALLY hungry I like to text people about that and these emojis help me to tell them HOW hungry I really am ;) I think every single one of you knows this situation if you're at school or something else where you can't get a quick snack and you're just like: "Why the hell did I not take any food with me...?" These are the situations I use food emojis. 

I think it's not a secret that I really enjoy photographing and always if someone's asking me 'what are you doing right now?' i'm like 'uuhm, just taking some photos...' and then some camera emojis. I don't know what people think if I send these emojis but I think they don't really care so I don't really care too :) Photography is art for me and I think for a lot of people in this world too and I think it can be very difficult to capture a moment in a way, that you like to look at it later. There's some stuff I don't even try to photograph, because I know it's gonna be frustrating how it will look on my camera. I haven't got a very cheap camera but it still isn't superduper quality and things like sunsets and rainbows look just not as beautiful on the camera screen as they do in real life so i just try to enjoy the moment of seeing things like that and try to remember it in my head, without needing to look at it on a picture. There's also stuff I don't take pictures of  because there are so many similar photos yet like for example I'd never photograph the Eiffel tower on its own because i know I can find a better photo of it on the internet. If there's a person n the photo i know, I do take the picture but if there is just le tour Eiffel et la monde then I don't think it's worth taking the photo. I really enjoy taking photos with old cameras like lomos or other cameras who have got a film in it and you always have to think twice, if you really want to take this pic...

The emoji on the right which is smiling very brightly is a emoji I just really like because I don't know if you can understand that but i think it looks quite cheeky and bold an a teeny tiny little bit conceited. I don't hope I am conceited but I thing i sometimes am a little bit so i think this emoji describes me a little bit and i always use it after a joke or some other fun stuff.

The balloon is just an emoji i use if I don't really know which emoji i should use. It makes me happy to see balloons so i just put it everywhere it (doesn't) belong/s.

Emojis that describe me:

Well, I think I'm not the only person who loves sleep. And pizza ;) I actually try to go to bed very early but either I can't sleep for a really long time, I wake up after two hours and can't fall asleep no more or I'm on my phone until 2am and only sleep for 5 hours. So I'm always a little bit sleepy and tired. And the pizza... WHO DOESN'T LOVE PIZZA? I don't think I know a person that doesn't like pizza... If you know a person that doesn't like pizza or you are one of them, leave a comment below and try to explain why you don't like it :)

The books are there, because I'm a huge reader and I use(d) to read a lot. A lot. For the last few weeks I didn't read very much because I was pretty busy and because I don't really know what to read. I read Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, The Hunger games trilogy, all the Eragon Books and a lot more and now, I don't know what to read anymore... If you know a good book, tell me! I'd really appreciate that!

The music sheets are there because I enjoy listening music and I also enjoy playing music... I want to dance if I hear music but unfortunately, I just can't dance because I've never learned it... Music is something what helps me in every situation of my life, it always brings me down to the ground. It makes me feel better if I'm sad and it makes me even happier as I am if I'm happy. I think there are lots of people that do know a lot more about music than me but I just love every kind of music, I losten to classic, pop, jazz..... everything! At the moment I'm actually listening to Zara Larsson's UNCOVER and i absolutely love it! 

The cheeky smiling emoji was also on my favorite and most used emojis and I think I've already told you why I like it ;)

Well, this post actually went quite different than I expected, but I don't think it went different in a bad way. There are lots of philosophic parts in it but I hope you still liked the post... if you did please leave a comment with your favorite emoji! 

Love y'all! See you sooooon!


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