dogs don't sweat

Howdy, everyone! It is summer! I'm sitting here on my bed, sweating all the water out of my body I just drunk (and that's a lot ;)) and being glad about the fact that I've got 5 weeks holiday now! 5 whole weeks without school. Beautiful! It is currently 32°C (90 °F) on here and this is a lot for a Swiss person. It actually uses to be pretty cold on here, but it's a little bit like in Australia - Four seasons on a day. So in the morning, everyone's shivering and everyone want's to go inside because it's so damn cold outside (It's possible that i exaggerate a teeny tiny little bit ;)) and then suddenly the sun comes out and everyone starts sweating like a dog. Hahaa not a perfect example, dogs actually aren't able to sweat but I think you know what I wanna say. Well now I'm sitting here with a freaking hot computer on my naked legs (I wear hot pants, don't worry I don't use to write my blog post naked) in a hot room without any light because I had to close the blinds to not let in the heat, waiting for the time to pass. Waiting for better times. The only thing what makes the whole thing better is the fact that I'm just writing everything down what's in my mind. And perhaps also the music in the background. Girls on TV by the Vamps. Always a good choice. I actually started writing this post with the intention to write a "Girl Online Book Review" but I don't think I can write such a factual post right now. I need to calm down for that... Anyways, I think it's very creepy. In winter everyone's like "oh no it's so cold. I want the summer to come" and then, as the summer comes and everything's getting a little bit warmer everyone's just like "Oh no, it's so hot, I want the winter to come back". Creepy humanity. But I think this is a natural feature of humans. We always want what we can't get. Or what's not very easy to get. Well, I personally love summer but on days like this everything's getting too HOT. Even for me ;) So because I don't want my mood to be bad just because it's finally hot on here, I'm gonna try to find some good things about heat. First thing: You don't need to heat your house because it's hot anyway. So your gonna use less electricity. Second thing: You don't have to wear a lot of clothes what makes you (probably) feel more comfortable and what is definitely looking prettier. Third thing: You can go outside without having to dress up. I mean if it's cold outside, you always need to put on all these coats and boots and if it's summer you just can go outside the way you are and you don't even have to put on shoes. Fourth thing: As long as the sun shines the solar cells can produce a lot of electricity what is good!
I actually tried to find some other reasons but I didn't find any. If you know one more, write it down in the comments.

The second problem about all this heat is the fact that I can put suncream on my body three times with UV protection factor 50 and I'll still get burnt. Not everything about having blonde hair is good! My skin gets red if it's burnt. And then it turns being white again. Yaaaaaaay! 

So this post turned being pretty creepy. I don't know how I could ever think I'd be able to write a proper blog post as long as it is that hot outside but I think this post will be amusing to read. And I think it will be amusing to read for me later ;) 

Hope to see you soon! I need to go and put a different song on my iPod because I'm currently listening to Justin Bieber's Baby and this definitely isn't one of my favorite songs... 

xxx Solange ;)

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