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Howdy, everyone! I think you might have noticed that I'm a lot on twitter. I don't tweet a lot but I retweet a lot and favorite all the tweets I like. I've got these "All time favorites" which are just tweets who made me think a lot or just made me laugh. Some of the tweets are quite deep, some of them are probably quite shallow. So I think I'm just gonna show you some of my faves! If I say SOME I actually mean quite a lot ;) I know that most of the tweets are by the same persons but these are just the people I follow and I think Connor Franta ist always a good twitterer (He's a beautiful instagramer to -  and of course a super duper YouTuber ;))

So my all time favorite is this one by Connor Franta and I think I've had this kind of quote for my WhatsApp status since it was tweeted on 3rd January.

Here are my other favorites:

As you can see - Connor Franta is actually one of the persons who is the most in my favorite tweets ;) I decided not to add all the FRIDAY tweets by Caspar Lee because these would be a lot. A lot. A real lot...

After all this deepness -> here are some tweets who made me laugh.

So I'm sorry I didn't really write very much today, but I just felt like I should post something today and I'm quite stressed because I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I have to pack my things and stuff but I wanted to write a post, because I actually haven't posted for a while so... The next post hopefully will be better...

xxx Solange :)

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