How do I be always-happy-and-motivated?

Howdy, everyone! Well, I have a little problem. A motivation problem. And I think some of you probably know it as well. So, I think every single one of us knows these people. They are always wide awake, never tired, always motivated and never seem to have a bad day. Well, I am quite much the opposite. Okay, I can proudly say that I do have good days, that I do have days I like to leave my bed, but there are also other ones. And today is one of them. So, a friend of mine invited me to a birthday party and I really want to go there. But I'm kind of too lazy. I am going to go, I don't want to leave her, but I just don't know if it's normal that I thought of going there. I mean, if you have a good friend, you shouldn't even think about going to her birthday, should you? The problem is, I don't want to go there because I don't have a gift. And because I'm just too lazy. But on the other hand, I do know that I will regret it when I don't go. And I also know that I will have a very good time when I go. So, the only thing I need is motivation. But where do I get this from? I obviously can't just go to a store and buy motivation.

I think one thing about motivation is, that no one really got it. You can be motivated and inspired, but I think even the people who seem to be always-so-happy-and-motivated do have these days when they just want to stay in bed and sleep. I think they just have a better way to deal with it than people like me.

I watched Bethany Mota's new video this morning. The song she wrote. And it kind of made me think about what she said. Everyone is always like "I only look for inner beauty, I look for a good character". Everyone I know says that. Have you ever heard someone say: "I only want to date beautiful girls, I don't care about her character"? Probably not. So the problem is, that there obviously is a definition of beauty. I mean outside-beauty. This kind of Beauty is being thin, tall, having long legs. Beauty is having long eyelashes, red lips, cool clothes. But what is inner beauty? I think inner beauty isn't definable. But there is one. A fake one. This kind of Inner-Beauty is being motivated, happy, open. It's having lots of friends, humor, being intelligent. And if you aren't motivated 24/7, if you have bad days, if you don't have the whole school as your best friend, and if you don't laugh about every joke, you seem to be ugly. Or at least your inner beauty isn't really existing. That's the fake definition we have for inner beauty. Or I might better say, my opinion of what's the fake definition of inner beauty. But, as I just said, I don't think something like inner beauty can be defined. You might can say, this lipstick is beautiful and the other not, you can define which kind of jeans are the better ones, you can define that it's more beautiful to have long eyelashes that having super short ones, but I don't think you can define someone's inner beauty. You can't define it's more beautiful to be happy and awake every day than being sleepy sometimes. But the problem is, even though you actually can't - everyone does it anyways. I do it, you do it, we do it. We judge people every day about what they're wearing, what their mood is like and what they do. And I think we should just stop doing that. I know it's not easy at all, in some case it's probably impossible not to judge people, but we can just try not to do it as often as we do now.

We recently read this text at school. It was about communicating. It said, it is impossible not to communicate. So, even if you don't answer a question by speech, you answer it. The way you say something can be understood in uncountable many versions, you can't ever be sure what the other one really wanted to say. I don't know what this whole thing just had to do with my actual problem, but I do know that I need to go now because I don't want to be late at my friends birthday party. I hope this text helped you in some case and if you have the same problem or any tips how to fix it or anything else to say, just write a comment. This post wasn't really supposed to end this way, but if you're reading this blog since a while, you might know that all my posts are either super dry and boring or they end up quite deep and "important".

Have a nice daaaaayyyyy!

xxx Solange

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