How Harry Potter Got Almost My Whole Family

Howdy, everyone! After the last few posts, which were all quite boring and objectively, I want to write a more interesting post. I think everyone older than 5 and younger that 60 has heard about Harry Potter once in his life. I think even most of people younger that 5 and older than 60 have heard about Harry Potter. Not knowing Harry Potter is even worse than never have heard the name 'Justin Bieber'. I think. But Justin is a whole different story and today I'm here to tell you about my Harry Potter-obsession. And How Harry Potter Got Almost My Whole Family. Harry Potter is something that has always been in my life, since I was a teeny tiny little girl, peeing his diapers five times a day. Of course I haven't read them at that age, but my older sister used to read them and she was always talking about it with my dad. I wasn't a Harry Potter fan from the first second of my life, I used to think it's a book only for boys because the main character is a boy. I didn't think it was interesting, I couldn't imagine an interesting story with no horses and no glitter in it. I was at kindergarten when my sister started talking about 'Voldemort' during lunch and I remember imagining Voldemort as a pig because we had this book at kindergarten with 'Waldemar' the pig. I think these names sounded quite similar to me.

Waldemar the pig

I think it's not difficult to recognize that this hasn't got much to do with Harry Potter and Voldemort. Anyways, this was my first opinion on Harry Potter. But my sister kept talking about it and my other sister (She's younger than the first one but older than me), who had had the same opinion on Harry Potter like me, suddenly started getting obsessed with Harry Potter as well. I didn't understand the world anymore and one beautiful day, my sisters decided to watch the first Harry Potter movie. I didn't want to watch as well and my mother thought it was too creepy and 'brutal' for me anyway. So my father decided to start reading Harry Potter for me. Whilst my sisters were watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone downstairs, my father read the first few chapters to me and I got obsessed as well. I remember reading half of the book in the same night. I also remember me thinking Professor McGonagall is a man, because we'd say Professorin here for women and Professor only for men in German and I also remember reading that fast that I thought Griffindor was called "Gifidor" and Slitherin "Siltherin". And Ron Wursly (Hahaaaaa, I think my english skills grew quite much since then) was always a character I really liked. The story got me and I read all the books. I had to separate the books on years, because my parents always were like "It is too brutal for little Solange, she can read Harry Potter 5 only on her 11th Birthday!" I behaved quite well until the 5th book of Harry Potter. I read the sixth and seventh book locked in my room, trying to hide the books underneath my bed because I didn't want to wait until my next birthday. And mum, if you're reading, what you're hopefully not because I haven't told you about this blog yet ;), I am alive and I don't have nightmares because I read Dumbledores death two days too early.

The bad thing about Harry Potter is, that the story actually ends. If J.K. Rowling says she'd have had enough material to write seven more books of Harry Potter, why the heck doesn't she do it? I could read Harry Potter books for my profession, for my hobby and for everything. Every time I read a Harry Potter book I was only in my room, reading. I took the book with me, everywhere. I read on the loo, on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat. Fortunately, I was able to put the books down for thing like showering or school. I read all the books in German, because I was obviously too young to understand the English ones. Recently, I read the first and the second book in English and - believe it or not - is even better in English than in German! I mean, how can a book which is super duper great beautiful wonderful and every other positive adjective which exists on this world be even better? this time I almost took the books with me into the shower, fortunately only almost. The fact that water destroys books made me think about this action twice.

So I can say I kind of grew up with Harry Potter, starting off by thinking it is a terrible book, finishing up with knowing it is a great book. So we can say, I better not think about books before I read them ;) I know a lot of people who grew up with J. K. Rowling's words, just like me, and I know only one person who read Harry Potter and doesn't think it is a great book. I have a friend and she read all the books before I did and always told me what was going to happen and this ade me quite angry. So please don't ever do that to anyone. However, my friend and I, we used to talk about the story a whole afternoon, wishing we could go to Hogwarts and play Quidditch. Wishing we could ride broomsticks, wishing we'd know Albus Dumbledore. We bought magazines and absorbed all the information we could find about Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. And I think we weren't the only ones who did things like that at all. I just can't imagine that Harry Potter is ever going to be just a story of yesterday. I can't imagine my future children growing up without it. I can't imagine me growing up without it. And honestly, I can't imagine anyone growing up without it. When I read a Harry Potter book the first time, taking it with me almost everywhere, I was just like in trance. And the worst thing was, when I finished a book. I was bored for ages after reading the last Harry Potter book, I couldn't think about anything else, I watched trailers and film clips of the HP films on youtube again and again. I used to call it the Harry Potter Hangover. And it actually was just like a hangover. I think a lot of people know a feeling like that from being with a lot of people for a long time, for example being in a camp or on holiday with friends. As soon as you come home and all the people you've shared your house with are at their own home felling exactly the same as you. Bored, alone, bored, alone and bored. And alone. ;) The exact same feeling I got when I finished a Harry Potter book. Let me know in the comments if you know this feeling too.

The reason why the title of thin post is How Harry Potter Got Almost My Whole Family is the fact that my mother didn't read the Harry Potter books, doesn't read them, and probably never will read them. I don't understand why but she obviously just isn't a science fiction / fantasy / whatever -fan. She never ever read a word of Harry Potter and thinks to know what they are about anyways. I think now we know that she really is my mum, I used to think I'd know a book before I read it as well. Well, I don't judge my mother for not reading the books, but I think if she'd read them, she'd have to admit that they aren't bad at all.

So guys, I think I've written enough about Harry Potter for a while. I don't know how many times I wrote the name Harry Potter in this post but I honestly don't want to know this number because I am on holiday and I don't like high numbers when I'm not at school. I hope you liked it, leave a comment, tell me everything you want, you can also tell me I am a %&*√ß%"&/ and my blog is s**t, tell me everything, as long as you feel better after it, I appreciate it.

xxx Solange

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