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Howdy, everyone! I recently went to bed at night. I know that's nothing special though. But one thing was different. So, I couldn't sleep. Usually, I go to bed and immediately fall asleep like a baby. But this night, I just couldn't fall asleep so I started thinking about my blog. I've been writing on here since more than half a year now. And my blog has changed a lot. It has a new name, a totally different layout from how I wanted it to be when I first started ant the topics I'm writing about are quite different to what I did when I first started. I first wanted it to be a beauty and fashion blog, maybe some DIY's. But it just didn't really work. I really enjoy reading fashion blogs, but I'm just not the person to write one. I discovered that I can talk about my life, that I can write those deep texts I'd never dare to put somewhere where everyone I know could see it and know it's by me. I know, it would be better if it wasn't a problem for me to share things like this to people I personally know, but who knows, maybe you're my neighbor...? However, even the imagination of people I personally know reading this kind of makes me nervous. I was trying to hide as much as possible from my life, but I realized it, this day in my bed. I don't need to hide. I still won't tell anyone about this blog, but I'm going to write more about my life (woaaah even more (;). The internet is so huge, it's almost impossible for someone to find my blog. And if someone does, I won't deny it's mine. This blog became a part of me, even though no one knows this part of me. Even though I'm not sure if anyone is really reading my posts. It helps me to write my thoughts down and just let my fingers type what ever comes to my mind.

So because of that, I'm gonna do a little introducing. I still won't say everything about my life, but I just want you guys to know me better, even though you haven't seen my face. If you want to see me, you can look at my google+ picture. It's me. Yeah, really me. It's crazy, I know. It's actually not but for me it is. So, my name is Solange. I don't know if this name exists in English. It's a French name. I have blonde hair and green-blue eyes. I was born in April 2001. I go to a high school and I've been learning English at that school since three years now. But most of my English skills I learned on the internet, watching youtubers. I've been playing the cello since 2nd grade, six years now. But I don't use to practice really much so I'm not that good. I've had a lot different hobbies like riding, dancing and other things, but I gave them all up. Now I'm spending my time on studying, reading and writing. And watching YouTube videos. I think, if you personally meet me, you'd think I'd be a pretty boring person, and I actually am quite shy with people I don't really know, but if I get to know them better, I usually open up a little bit. I always try to stay positive, but it's not that easy. I can be very talkative but I try my best not to annoy people with my talking. And sometimes, I need someone to remind me that the world has got bigger problems that an algebra exercise.

Just a random picture I want to share ;)

My biggest hobby, at the same time the one the fewest know about, is Photography. I really like to capture good moments on a picture for ever. Photography can be really annoying, things like paparazzi is a really ugly form o photography. I think I just like the way you can make things look in a picture. You can set everything up ant it looks real anyways. You can cheat so well. Sometimes, I just wish my life'd be a photograph. Easy. Positive. Colorful. I think this is what makes me love it so much. I'm not sure if I can say things like that at my age and take it seriously, but I'll just do it. Another thing I really love about Photography is the fact that you have to decide. Decisions can be really hard. But you only can take the picture or not. That's what I like about the old cameras with films in it. Not the digital ones. If a picture is taken, it's taken. If you don't take it, you don't take it. there are no betweens. There is this old, wise man called Dumbledore. He's from my favorite book. Harry Potter. I wrote a whole post about Harry Potter and it's fascination. Dumbledore once said something really true. "Do or don't. There is no try" This quote kind of defines photography. I know it can be demotivating, but motivation is something creepy anyways. I also wrote a post about that ;) There are a lot of situations where this quote doesn't fit, where it says the complete opposite of what would be the best. But for me, it's just perfect.

see you soon. or maybe not. who knows?

xxx Solange

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