Bored? We can fix that.

Have a good second and minute and hour and day and week and month and year and life! I hope you're doing good and you're not bored at the moment. But if you are, here are a couple of tips (not really) what you can do if you're not having the time of your life of your life right now and you also don't have anything better to do than reading posts like this one. 

Well, this post actually has a little, really small, teeny tiny story behind it. Well, a while ago, I decided to write down a couple of post ideas to be able to post when I don't have any ideas at the moment. So one of the post ideas was a what to do when bored but, honestly, I think we've seen this ways too often and by the way the fact that you're reading this blog at the moment kind of shows you have to be somehow bored at the moment. I don't have any problems with post ideas at the moment, right now I'm actually shining from inspiration. My fingers aren't even able to type fast enough to bring all the words to paper (well, I better say blog) that are in my head right now. So I just randomly stumbled over the post ideas and looked at the Bored one and I just had to laugh out loud because I didn't really know why I would ever write something like that down on a notebook. I am the most impatient person on earth, or at least one of them, and I used to be bored all the time when I was younger. Until media came into my life and I got my first phone. That was the end of my life as a bored person. Anyways, I laughed out loud because I couldn't really imagine myself telling other people what to do when they're bored when I can't even handle it myself. Well, after I stopped laughing, what unsurprisingly took me quite a while, I thought I could write a post about boredom in general. Boredom is, when you think about it long enough, something really creepy and I don't really know why humans are physically able to be bored. It doesn't help us in any way and we also don't really learn anything of it. It only makes us having a not so good time and doing creepy stuff just because we don't have anything better to do. That is probably the reason why I'm writing this right now. Because I don't have anything better to do. 

So I sat there on the couch and laughed my this-is-not-a-word-i'm-going-to-write-on-here-but-i-think-you-know-what-i-mean-anyways off, then race through the whole house because I can't find the laptop and I'm afraid of forgetting the idea I just had and I don't know how I could write a note which is explaining what this idea was. As soon as I had searched through almost every room in my family's house and didn't find the computer another thought came to my mind. Instead of messing up the whole house I could just think of where I saw the laptop the last time. I did it and - oh what a surprise ;) - i came to the solution that I actually left it under my bed last night after I wrote the vegetarian & vegans blog post. So I race back through half of the house and end up breathless in my room with the laptop on my lap. Then I try to start the post like I always do, with the howdy, everyone! But it just kind of doesn't work so I decide to write something else for the start and I think we all know what came out of that (in case you didn't know, the first sentence of this post is 'Have a good second and minute and hour and day and week and month and year and life! ') Then I just start writing and all the words flood out of my fingers and I soon notice that the things I'm writing don't really have much to do with boredom anymore, except the fact that the text was made out of boredom. I think about deleting it but then I think about me reading those words later and a little smile comes to my face and I soon am starting to laugh again. I think I just didn't do enough homework today. Homework always pulls my mood down like it was made to do that and since I can tell my mood is better than good at the moment, I don't think I did all the stuff I'm supposed to do. I'll notice tomorrow at school. By writing this I hope I can somehow give you some go my good mood, some of the happiness I'm feeling right now. Since I have a little bit too much and I don't dare to go anywhere like this because my idiotic smile would probably irritate other people, I don't mind give you some of mine. And I think no one ever minds getting some free happiness from someone who has too much. I have already posted yesterday but I think, since we always can use some happiness, I'm going to post this right now. 

Have fun with your new won free happiness. I hope I could somehow send it through the keyboard of the laptop (that I've been racing through the whole house for)over the internet to your computer screen.

Have fun and do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt anyone by doing it. 


I know I can be scary. I've heard this before. I know. I know. Byeeeeeee

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