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Howdy, everyone! It's the first October today, even though you're probably not reading this today, because I am not planning on publishing this post today ;) Anyways, with the start of the month October starts also the Halloween season! Pumpkin isn't necessarily my favorite vegetable (I honestly really don't like it) but it looks awesome and I don't think I've ever managed to go through Halloween season without finding myself eating some pumpkin. Plus, in my family, it's kind of a tradition to eat pumpkin soup on 24th of December. Well, however, the whole thing with Halloween isn't really something for me, I never really dressed up for halloween and went to my neighbors, begging for candy, but I definitely understand the attraction of it. I think, the only reason why I never really went out on the 30th October is because my parents, especially my mom, don't like Halloween at all. And I also think stuff like throwing eggs on houses and spraying graffiti on walls, just because you don't get any candy, is not a good way to release your anger. Halloween is meant to be a celebration where you have a good time and you should definitely not harm others.

But the good thing about Halloween is just Halloween itself, the really old traditions, and of course, the decoration. I'm a huge decorater and I love to match my room with the season, especially Halloween and Christmas because of the candles and the candy ;). And, like I already said, the pumpkin. So in honor of halloween I decided to get productive and go on Pinterest, the internet-page next to YouTube ad Tumblr I spend the most time on, and look for some Halloween-Orientated decoration ideas and I wanted to try to recreate it to see if pinteresty things can also be made by a normal-not-really-talented-not-super-duper-creative person...

Enjoy my skills ;)

my creative searching ;)
So I started off by searching "Halloween DIY decorations" on Pinterest. I found a ton of things that I knew I wouldn't be able to do and because I wanted this to be an experiment to find out if normal-not-really-talented-not-super-duper-creative persons could also do pinteresty things or if this is a luxury only unnormal-really-talented-super-duper-creative persons can enjoy... So I picked a quite easy seeming one, emphasis on seeming.

Now comes what I did... I'm definitely not a person who's always following the rules, and of course, I didn't manage to recreate this properly... Basically, I changed the whole thing and took this picture just as an... inspiration...? So since I didn't really have the right stuff at home, I went to town and wanted to buy those things I need but instead I came along some spray paint and I thought, why not just do it with spray paint? 

So to recreate my version of this pinteresty thing, you need:

- Spray paint in a color you like
- Paper with sticky back
- a jar
- some pencils
- a little bit of time

1st step: I drew a pumpkinny face on a sheet of paper. As soon as I was content with it, what didn't take a long time because I decided to just copy the face of one of the jars on the pinterest picture. (And yes, I kind of forgot my notebook on the picture) 

2nd step: I cut the face out and put the stickers on the jar...

3rd step: I spray painted the jar with the stickers on it in bright red...

Then there is the moment when I realize it looks a lot better when I paint the whole jar.

After these three (four) steps, I let the paint dry. When it was dry I just took the stickers away and put a normal candle in there and there you gooooooooooooooo....


Candle in the dark (sorry for the blur, my camera had problems with focusing because of the light)
Candle in the light...
Okay, I have to say, I'm pretty content with my result. It's not quite like the one on the picture, but because I also made it pretty different from what the picture told me to do, I can't expect the same result... Anyways, if you want to recreate my version, I have a few things I'd definitely do different when I look at it now.

1. Put something into the jar before and during the spray painting. I'd suggest a piece of paper or something like that. The reason? If you are, like me, a normal-not-really-talented-not-super-duper-creative person, it could happen that some of the spray paint 'flies' into the jar, especially if you do the painting outside, like me. So, the wind kind of blew some paint into the jar and one eye is now all red... It looks kind of cool and you don't see it really good, but if you want it all perfect and properly done, I'd definitely put something into the jar...

2. Before you spray paint you jar, make sure your paint is heat resistant. I'm glad mine happened to be resistant, but it could have been different because I didn't check it before. So, if you don't want the paint to melt as soon as you put a candle in there, you better check it before ;)

So, I think you agree when I say: Normal-not-really-talented-not-super-duper-creative people can make pinteresty things, but it won't be perfect with the first try...

See you next time, have fun recreating!

xxx Solange

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