Le Grau Du Roi - France

Howdy, everyone! So, I don't know how it is at the place of the world where you live, but I had three weeks off school. Today it's Sunday and I (sadly) have to go back to school tomorrow. But, just to remind myself of the wonderful time I had, and of course to show y'all what I did in my free time, I decided to show you some pictures from my holiday from Le Grau Du Roi in France where I went with my best friend and her family for one week. I had a great time and because of the fact that I love France, I didn't really expect anything else. For everyone who doesn't know it: I live in Switzerland, which is right next to France. And a part of the people in Switzerland also speak French as their mother tongue. I am not one of them, but because of the fact that French is one of the national languages in Switzerland (beside German and Italian), I learn French at school since 5th grade, which makes four years now. I have to admit, French is definitely not my favorite subject and I am also not really good at it, but I really like to go to France, just because of all the French people seem to be so nice and because I can learn French there. And of course because of the ocean.

Le Grau Du Roi is a quite small village on the south coast of France and it's really beautiful. It's near Montpellier, just in case this helps you somehow...

So, I came from school on Friday and the next morning I had to be ready to head off to France. Friday evening was just packing all the stuff and try to forget nothing but me, the mess I am, forgot my camera. Do you understand? MY CAMERA! For someone like me, who always wants to take pictures of everything, and who is literally lost without a camera around, and a phone with a camera which takes the worst pictures ever, this is kind of the worst thing that could ever happen. Fortunately, my friend has an IPod which can take quite good pictures and I borrowed it from her for the whole week, just to be able to run around and take pictures of everything I saw. At this place, I'd really like to thank apple to create those iPods with a better camera than my phone has.

So we could swim a lot, and I didn't even get a sun burn. I'd like to mention that it makes me very proud to be able to say that I spent a whole week on the beach and I didn't get a sun burn, because that's not really usual for me, since I always get sun burns, even when I put on sun cream like 10 times a day.

We also visited a couple of museums and even a sea aquarium and it was, generally, just really nice...

This was not the hotel I was staying in, I just had to take picture of it because I thought it looked really nice ;)
So here is just a little sneak peek on what I did in the last couple of weeks. The rest on my holiday I basically spent in my bed, trying to ignore all the stuff I should have done for school but I didn't until now. I hope this post was somehow interesting to you and I hope to see you soooooooooooon ;)

I know I sometimes get a little bit overexcited over stuff. 

xxx solange

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