Teeny Tiny Thoughts - Monday - Vegetarians and Stuff

Howdy, everyone! I just changed the header of the blog to make it a little bit more fall-ish and a little bit colorful, and then I randomly thought I could post something. So I thought for a while and came to the solution that I could write about Vegetarians, Vegans, and all those kind of things. So first of all, I don't want to offend anyone, neither meat-eaters and lovers or people who strictly don't eat anything from animals. I have been Vegetarian for a year and I definitely know the troubles Vegetarians have to deal with. So the following text ist just my own opinion and I just think some of you might be interested in that and feel free to use the comment section to tell me that you (don't) agree with me.

So first of all, there are different kinds of Vegetarians. There are people who don't eat meat because of their religion and I completely respect that and think that's completely fine. Then there are people who just don't like meat and it's taste. And the third kind of Vegetarians are, in my opinion, the ones who just don't eat meat because they feel sorry for the animals and they don't like the fact that they would eat dead animals. You can also be two of them, for example you can have a religion who doesn't allow you to eat meat and at the same time you'd also never eat meat because you just don't want animals to die just because of you. So, I have a friend, and he once told me something what I think is quite true. When I started being a vegetarian, he was quite shocked because he knew me for a long time and he thought it wasn't really me to be a vegetarian. He said, Vegetarianism is something, we only can afford because of our civilization, because of our money. This kind of made me think because it's actually totally true. We only can afford not to eat meat because we have so many other foods we can eat and we don't have to eat meat to survive. I know there are places on this world where it's not like it is on here, and I totally want to change that, but that's not what this post is about at all and I probably will speak about this in another post in the future.

So, the different kinds of Vegetarians all have their own reasons, I respect them all, but there's one annoying thing about that. There are always these people who try to convince you to become a Vegetarian as well and who always look disgusted at your food when it has meat in it. I always tried not to be one of them even though I have to admit it's not always that easy. When you don't eat meat for a while you start of find it disgusting and you also don't want any meat anymore. So, I think it's everyone's own decision if he wants to be a Vegetarian or a Vegan or anything else. I don't like it when people try to convince others that they should change their life or their eating habits.

I think, all in all, it's very good to be Vegetarian because humans are actually not physically made to eat meat, our jaws are not meant to eat meat and our guts are not made to digest meat. But we can do it, so we do do it. But the fact that we destroy our rainforests just to get food for the animals we're going to eat later, the fact that we only have those animals because they will give meat, is quite sad. We have so many other opportunities. I personally think there is the golden middle. Not eating any meat can give you serious physical problems, especially if you decide not to eat meat when you're in a young age and still growing, but at the same time, I don't think it's really healthy to eat really much meat. I personally eat meat probably once or sometimes twice a week and i think it is quite a good middle.

Why I became a Vegetarian

This was quite a while ago and we used to have cooking lessons at school back then, but only theory. We learned about lipides and all that stuff and we also learned about meat and where it comes from and we watched a short film where you could see how they treated the dead animals and I almost started crying in class because I found it so horrible. I might mention that I had already seen 5 Harry Potter Films, Moby Dick and a lot other not harmless movies (for me (;) at this time. I couldn't eat any meat that day and I didn't really start again. Until...

Why I started eating meat again

After about a year, I started wanting to eat meat again. I don't really know why, I think my friend might was right and Vegetarianism isn't really something for me and it just didn't feel right anymore and as soon as I ate meat again I felt better. In one way, I think it's kind of sad that I didn't manage to keep it longer, but at the same time I don't think it should be kept as a competition. I was vegetarian because I really felt sorry for the animals and I still do, but forcing yourself to do things you don't really want to anymore, isn't the right thing and can't be healthy as well. I really enjoyed my year as Vegetarian and I don't regret it in any way, I learned a lot of it but I also don't regret my decision to eat meat again at all.


I personally think veganism is a little bit too much of the good but at the same time, it's just what other people do and as long as they don't make me feel like I need to do it as well, I'm totally fine with it. I think the idea of eating nothing coming from an animal is a good idea, but it's something what definitely isn't a human's nature (is it? I actually don't know but I can't imagine... tell me if I'm wrong, I don't want to post false things.) so I think it's even more 'luxurious' that Vegetarianism, but as I already said, as long as I don't have to be a Vegan person, I want it to be everyone's own decision...

So, those teeny tiny thoughts weren't really tiny, but however, remember, it's just my opinion and I don't want you to share it with me.

Have a nice day and week and month and year and life in general ;)


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