Hello everyone! Welcome on here! Well, as the times flies by and I feel like I wrote the Halloween? Halloween. post yesterday, it is already November... If you haven't been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you probably know that but I just felt like reminding everyone that we have tu use the time we have. Two months until 2016. One and a half months until Christmas. Holy moly, I have to start buying Christmas gifts. It has been happening a lot in the last month and since it passed by so fast (and I don't think I'm the only one thinking this way...) I don't want to bore you all with the things that happened in what feels like two days ago. Instead of that, I wanted to show you some things I really liked during the month, even though I have to say it wasn't that much new and - most important -  don't be scared, I'm not going to make list of really expensive make up items that are only available in the country I live in, but I'm just going to show you some spiritual non materialistic things (ok some of them might be materialistic (;)

1. my notebook

Okay, it's probably not the best thing to start my list off with a materialistic thing after telling you that's exactly what I'm not going to do... But anyways, I've never really been a notebook person because I used to be able to keep things in mind without forgetting them but since we're all aging... Just kidding, my mind is only 14 and a half years old and I hope I can keep it for another couple of years, but honestly, even though I have never really admitted it to myself or someone else, I am a pretty forgetful person. I manage to remember really important stuff but things like lists of what I need to get or which kinds of homework I've got to do just uses to slip out of my mind and fly somewhere into space to find it's purpose... So, one day, I decided to have my own notebook and write all the 'unimportant' stuff in there to make me remember it. And after about five or six weeks of having it I can proudly say that it helps and I haven't been forgetting as much. I write literally everything in there, from dentist dates to music release dates and the best thing is, I don't even need to take it everywhere with me. I just check it every morning and evening and it already helps, thanks to my not-really-old-yet-mind.

2. stretching

Now to the more non-materialistic part... I have not always been a  really stretchy person and I used to hate stretching back in like 3rd grade but since probably 1 and a half years I have started stretching a little bit and I love it. It is really relaxing and it makes you feel healthy. When I started stretching it was really hard to only touch my toes with my finger tips but now I can kind of embrace my whole leg. I have stopped stretching around half a year ago because my hip kept hurting and  I just didn't really have any motivation to keep stretching every day anymore. But at the start of this month I started again and I just realized again how much it relaxes me and how good I can forget all my worries when I am focusing on my body. There are many other ways to get that kind of relaxing feeling but for me, it's the perfect one. If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend it highly, even if you only do like the classical, hands-to-feet thing. It is really motivating to see yourself getting better every day, even though I can tell it can be frustrating in the beginning. However, make sure you don't over stretch because that can hurt a lot.

3. burt's bees

Back to the materialistic stuff! (I kind of like this word haha) It is getting winter on here in Switzerland and on a lot o other places on the world and I think almost everyone knows an hates the feeling of having dry lips. They are hurting and just generally spreading negativity. A good friend of mine gave me a burt's bees lip balm a while ago when she came back from a holiday in the USA. I didn't really like the smell at first but I really like it now and it is perfect and helps a lot. Since my friend got it in the USA and it is also available on here in Switzerland, I reckon it is kind of available everywhere but I can't find a usable link to a shop or something like that...

4. instagram

I don't think I have to explain the word instagram to anyone so I'm just going to say it straight up: I love it! All the amazing pictures on there are just perfect and I love them and I love connecting with other people. I have instagram since more than a year and I have always been liking it but with all the halloween themed pictures it just got even more awesome. I know I am very inactive on the outoffocus instagram account but I do have my personal account and I love stalking people on there. (in case it hasn't been deleted yet: my instagram ist @out_of_focus_s )

5. music

I don't know why but the last month has been really musical for me. There's been a lot of artists releasing new music or announcing new music and I have been making a lot of music myself. I have been enjoying music a lot more than usual and I have to say, next to stretching and stuff, it is one of the most relaxing things ever. And at the same time, it is fascinating how much music can affect our life and how it can change the mood. When I am sad I listen to happy music and it makes me happy again and at the same time, when I'm in one of those moods when you're ways too happy for this world, it can bring you back to the ground.

All in all, October hasn't disappointed my expectations at all and I am happy about how it was. October has always been my unofficial favorite month because I really like autumn and October is the month when everything starts getting christmasy already but at the same time you are still allowed to listen to the summer hits, short: It is the only real autumnal month to me because September is basically still summer and, I'm not going to lie, November has always been a wintery month in my opinion.

You might have already noticed it, but my favorite season is definitely Autumn, even though I always say the upcoming season is my favorite, all in all, Fall is the perfect season to me. Spring is ways too rainy and cold on here, Summer is alright but I don't like the sunburns, and winter is also okay, but I am not a really cold-loving person and it can get quite cold on here in Switzerland. I really enjoy skiing and ice skating but winter is just always too long. In Autumn, there are red and orange leaves everywhere and the sun is still not covered with clouds, so it's the perfect season for me. What about you? Comment your favorite season and why it is your favorite...

Well, enough about seasons and stuff, I think we already have enough of them but since I don't really have anything else what is very interesting to tell you at the moment (actually I just had a little post idea, be prepared), I just do the usual small talk and write about the weather, haha...

Love y'all and make sure to do what you love, bye, Solange...

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