Teeny Tiny Thoughts - Wednesday - All The Mistakes I Made Today ;)

Hellooooooooooooo! As you can see on my header, IT IS CHRISTMAS! Well, not actually Christmas but in a couple of days December is going to start and that confuses me. A lot. I've already talked about how fast October went by in my recent post, and now it's almost December and I still haven't bought any gifts, even though I really wanted to start early this year. I think I should know me better after 14 years of Christmas, because I always have the same problem. I always think: 'Ugh, Christmas is still so far away, why am I even thinking about it?' and then, suddenly, it's one week before Christmas and I still haven't mentally or physically or somehow else prepared myself. And I can't not mention that; When I woke up this morning and opened up my window, I had to discover that my whole neighborhood is currently covered in snow and my mind is still in the pool sunbathing. Well, I think we all know the uncomfortable situation of having to get up early in the morning to go to work or school, in my case to school, not wanting to do that, but having to. Well, that was the situation I was in this morning and because of all this sleepiness and the fact that my brain had a little trouble processing what I just had seen, I didn't manage to take a picture of the snow. Not even a phone picture or something (well, a picture from my phone would probably not have helped anything because my phone is more and IStone than an IPhone and it takes the worst pictures ever, what is not really helpful for someone like me who feels the urge to take a picture of everyone and everything). So I stood there, in front of the opened window, not noticing that all the warmth of my room went outside and my toes slightly started freezing, being shocked about the all the whiteness in front of my eyes, and all I could think about was how p*ssed I was about having to go to school. What a great way to ruin a beautiful moment like this which could have been awesome, if I wouldn't have been too busy thinking about me! However, I somehow noticed the coldness making my feet feel like they didn't exist and closed the window and got dressed. After having breakfast and doing all the usual stuff me and every other normal human being does in the morning, I went outside and ruined the moment again by looking down to my feet whilst walking to school. 

A couple of more or less interesting school lessons later, I unfortunately had to notice that it had started raining. So right now, the streets are looking like a dirty river and there is really wet snow everywhere, which doesn't really deserve to be called snow anymore. And guess what, the only picture of this beautiful day I have, was taken a couple of minutes ago and you can't really see anything clearly on it (that's also the reason why I am not going to put it on here (;)

However, this was a beautiful day with a lot ruined moments. Thanks a lot for listening to my story of  today's mistakes, and I hope you have somehow managed to tug anything helpful out of the previous words, so I hope you have a nice day and don't make mistakes like I do! But don't forget, everyone makes mistakes, and you are allowed to forgive people ;) A big smile from me to you because I like you ;)

xxx Solange 

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