2015 - A Year In Review

Ho, ho ho! Well, I don't have any clue how it is ever possible for time to pass as fast as the last couple of months have been passing by without me or anyone else noticing, but it was somehow made possible. Don't be afraid, I am not going to try to explain this in some sort of maths or physics, but seriously, literally everyone around me is telling me how fast this whole Christmas preventing thing went over and now it's the 23rd of December and I am sitting here in front of my laptop thinking about the time. Before I get philosophical and start rambling about how time effects our lives and how time is something really important even though it's invisible and not influenceable, I just want to tell you all: Merry Christmas!

This year is somehow special because I literally have to go to school until the 24th of december at 11:45 AM and I think this is what made me feel really unfestive. I've had some moments in the last months when I felt really festive, but when I think back at the last months, I see only a couple of little christmassy sparks and the rest is just studying and doing some stuff on the internet. Also a couple of meetings with my good old friends, but I think we all know how much of an internet girl I am and like everyone on here - I am not trying to offend anyone, just telling the truth about the stereotypical internet person - I am quite rubbish at socializing. If you asked a friend of mine why they like me, they'd probably just say that they started liking me back in the days when I was a normal child which loved the nature and used to go out into the forest which, by the way, is right next to my house, and just somehow ended up not leaving me, what I am really thankful for.

Even though the last couple of weeks have just been passing by whilst I was in some kind of dream and I probably still am, I've enjoyed it very much. All in all it's been a really good year. 2015. Over. Well, at least almost. It's had its own ups and downs and I've learned a whole freaking lot this last year. If I just think back at the start of 2015, I remember myself as a quite different person. I have changed a lot throughout the last two years and I think, all in all I've become a better person. I've started hanging out with people I used to be scared of back in the days, I've found out that I sometimes have problems with showing people that I like them and I found solutions to loads of my problems. I've also found out that I am actually able to crack my knuckles and it scares me. And really important: I have learned a lotlotlotlotlotlotlotlot of English. If you scroll back to some of my first posts it is obvious that I have learned really much throughout the last year, including a lot of vocabulary. And the thing that I am most exited to be able to say about myself: I started this blog thinking I would be able to do DIY tutorials, make up stuff and all these things, and I quickly found out that this wasn't the thing I wanted to do. I can say I sometimes am a creative person and I have definitely gained a lot of creativity with this blog but I am not a person to write make up tutorials and if you ever say me trying to put on any kind of make up, you would definitely agree. This blog has gotten really philosophical and thoughtful but I like it the way it is at the moment. I try to spice it up a little bit with normal posts like the Lazy Saturday in my Life so it's not always the same philosophical talk.

One thing I've learned in 2015 and it is definitely one of the most important ones, is that you don't have to be afraid to waste your life. If you're always worried of wasting your time and when you're always thinking about how you can only live this one life and you have only this one chance to do everything right, you're right. But only half-right. You don't have to to everything right, it doesn't matter when you make mistakes because we all make mistakes. The important thing isn't not to make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. But if you just end up planning your whole life, you'll someday realize that you've been so busy planning everything that you haven't really lived. And that will be the moment when you'll realize that you'd been doing the complete opposite of what you always wanted to do the whole time.

Think about the thing's you've just read and have some nice christmas days :) And in case you're not christian or just not celebrating it, just have a nice day!

See you asap ;) Solange

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