How do I be always-happy-and-motivated? #2

Well hello everyone in the land of boredom! I wrote the blogpost 'How do I be always-happy-and-motivated?' back in August, and when I just wrote a new introduction on the 'about me' tab, I had a little idea. I have been searching and also finding myself a little bit in the last couple of months. I don't think someone at my age can possibly say that they found themselves fully, but I am working on it, guys, I'm working on it. However, I have discovered a few new things that keep me motivated and I thought it might me worth it sharing it with y'all. The first thing was quite a while ago, when I was on Instagram, doing the usual stalking, and I found a picture of some celebrity, I don't remember who it was, but there was this comment underneath the picture, and it was negative. Celebrities get a lot of comments on their social media posts, and they also get a lot of hate. I don't want to discuss hate with you, hate is a thing that I don't think it's worth talking about because it's something that shouldn't be done by anyone and that shouldn't even be a thing. Well, however, I am trying to tell you something with this. The comment caught my eye and I started scrolling further up and up, and there were a lot of nice comments, but also a lot really mean ones. I soon got to the point of asking myself why someone would ever take the time to write something rude and knowing that they're spreading negativity with it. After some thinking I got to the next point. The point of knowing that I am not going to get a good answer to this question so I gave up. But the thought of it stayed in my mind for the whole rest of the day and I just couldn't really stop thinking about it. May I mention that this was on a weekend and I was bored like usual so I didn't really have anything else to do than thinking about it. But, as we will see later, my thinking came to some sort of result. The results were... SURPRISE! Negativity is really negative. In every way possible. Using time to do bad things while you could use the same amount of time to spread positivity is just completely silly and I don't understand why any sort of human being would ever do it. And I noticed more! If you avoid negativity in your life, it will be a lot less stressful. I don't tell you to forget about all the problems the world has in it's whole, but little things like arguments with your parents or your siblings can easily be avoided. Things like talking bad about others can be easily avoided. And it really does help. At least it helped me. Having less negativity in your every day life really is motivating and I've found myself quite happy a lot lately, even though I can say that it isn't the best time of my life that I'm having right now. I've been bad molded a lot lately and I also started doing stuff I knew and still know that I don't even want to start doing them, but at the same time I've discovered a lot. So remember: Negativity is bad but most of it can be avoided really easily.

Avoiding negativity concludes a lot of keeping things back that you wanted to say, you have to be quiet a lot when you want to say something really bad. But it is definitely worth it. It might not be the best way to keep yourself motivated, but there might be post 'How do I be always-happy-and-motivated? #3' and #4 and maybe even more of them on here, until we found our ultimate solution of how to be happy and motivated all the time.

Also, music is helping a lot.

and singing.

and talking to good friends.

and reading.

and shutting down your phone for a couple of hours.

that also helps for your creativity.


bye :)

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