Teeny Tiny Thoughts - Tuesday - Imagination

Hello and welcome (back) to my blog! I've had this post idea on my way back home from school, what usually means it's a really bad idea because the idea has been under the influence of school what makes basically everything be quite bad, but this time, I actually think it's not the worst idea. Well, as you can see in the tab "about me", my favorite song is 'Imagination' by Shawn Mendes. Don't you worry, I am not going to tell you how awesome his music is and how much I like him (but his music really is really good, just saying'), I am here to tell you something about my life and I am here because I really want to be told that I am not the only one doing stuff like I do. Well, at first I thought Shawn Mendes was just basic, mainstream, just the artist everyone loves. Well, actually, he kind of is, but I can definitely tell that I know why. I don't really know much about his person, but I do know that I really really really really really really like his music, especially his song 'Imagination'. Even though the lyrics of the song doesn't really have that much to do with the topic I want to talk to you about today, the part where he asks 'or is that just me in my imagination?' literally describes my life. I always used to imagine my life being different when I was younger, I spent long evenings in my bed when I couldn't manage to sleep, just imagining what my life would be like when I'm older or what person I wanted myself to become. I am not a generally creative person and I always need someone or something to inspire me to let out my own creativity, and so it is with my imagination, and I have to say, those exercises in maths with the cubes and you have to tell which color the front side will have if you turn the cube for 45 degrees NEVER were anything I really understood and I am quite rubbish in maths anyways, and that's also the reason why thins blogpost isn't about maths and I am going to stop writing about it right now.
So when I was younger, and I also have to admit that I still sometimes do it, I used to create these really long and really perfect stories up in my mind, mostly things that would never ever happen in real life because it is ways too 'hollywood' and - now that's the point that really scares me and makes me think about coincidence a lot and gives me an existential crisis every once in a while - I have found out the following thing: As long as you don't use your imagination at all, everything is possible. It is possible that the world will explode in a second, it's possible that Justin Bieber walks across the road right in front of you. It is also possible that your guinea pig flies to school with it's new pegasus-wings and gives you the homework you forgot at home. BUT. As soon as you imagine that something happens, what has just happened because you can't read something without imagining it, the possibility of it really happening just sinks like the titanic. I don't know why, but as soon as you have imagined something happening, you can probably be sure that it will never happen like this. 

The sad part of this whole thing is, that this means, that I am never going to be a famous singer (Well, that really wouldn't have ended well), I will never get my revenge for that one girl that something rude back in 2nd grade, I will never kiss that one guy I liked back in 6th grade (thank lord for this one) and that there are only a few things in my life left, which really can happen, and I don't know them yet because if I would, I would have already imagined them happening and this would mean that they would't happen anymore. 

The second sad part about this whole imagination thing is, that these imaginational stories literally take over your mind. I don't dare to imagine the person I would be without me imagining all those things happen in my life. Well that was a confusing sentence. But I hope you understand what I mean. But it is actually quite bad when you imagine yourself having this one person to like you, this one person you always wanted to like you but has never even noticed you, and the next day you go wherever you go on a normal day and the only thing you can think is 'This person might really likes me, or is that just me in my imagination?' Well, in this case I can't really decide wether it is bad or good, because it would probably give a lot of confidence to the person thinking that, but at the same time it makes me feel like I don't really have any control over myself.

Well, enough of all those complicated things that are some day going to make me do some sort of possibility calculation. I don't know how many times the word 'happen' and 'imagine' are in that text, but my fingers now definitely know how to type those words on the keyboard, and that is one good thing about that. But pleaaaassse. Someone tell me: Do you also imagine things? I don't do it as often as I used to do it anymore, but to be honest, I love it. Because the problem is, if you never ever do those little imagination sessions, you will probably not have understood the text...

Alright, see you soon :)  Solange 

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