Happy 2016 and a wise Lesson from a not so wise Person

A happy new year, everyone! Well, I don't know about you, but I am not a huge silvesterparty-kind-of-person and I have to admit that I've spent my sylvester with my family and I have been reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban until probably like 11:56 PM and then looked out of the window for a couple of minutes, then got back to reading. For me, reading Harry Potter is a really good start into the new year, but I know there are loads of people who don't think so. And before you ask me about my new years resolutions, I don't have any. You have to know, I am someone who doesn't even manage to get themselves up to do some schoolwork (Yes, I should be studying right now), so I know I would never keep my resolutions, such as no one human really does, and I don't think I need a new year to know what I want (Because I actually never do so, no matter what time of the year). Apparently, (Don't be scared I haven't transformed into apparently kid, I just needed to try out what this word sounds like in a sentence) compared to others I actually know a lot about what I want to do in the future, the bigger problem is, that I don't know what I want right now. Well, I know I want to become either journalist, photographer or one of these people that speak in the radio, I also know that I don't want to spend my whole life in Switzerland, but at the same time I have an everyday struggle choosing which seat I want to sit on at the family dinner table.

ANYWAYS. That was really not where I planned this to go (as always). As you can see in the title, I've got another wise advice for you that is probably not going to make the world any better, but since I am someone who doesn't care about much what's important (and about everything that's not important), I can say I don't care. So I'ver been watching some YouTube videos recently (that's basically all I do in my free time, except maybe sing along to some songs I'm not going to list here because you'll hate me for it) and I watched a video of my friend (You can see her Youtube channel here, go check her out she's really nice (;) where she talked about her  Bully and Sexual Harassment Story and I noticed something. First of all I noticed that her story must have been really hard to get through and I am glad you made it in case you're reading A. ;), but secondly I noticed that her story basically grew on jealousy. Not jealousy from her, but jealousy from others towards her.

Excuse the picture, I was bored ;)

Jealousy is there, always. In everyone. There are people that can handle it better than others. And there are people that can't handle it at all. Jealousy is important for a human being, if it wouldn't exist, the species homo sapiens sapiens would probably not be existing, either. BUT. There's always a but. There's a measure. I do know, from personal experience, that it is not easy to fight jealousy, but I can tell once you've done it, you'll feel better. Jealousy, envy, whatever you call it, no one of us likes the feeling of being jealous. But there are two different ways of getting rid of that feeling. The first one is the bad one, the one where the jealous person tries to bring the person or the owner of whatever they are jealous of, down to make it seem like the thing/person is not worth being jealous of. And there's the second way, the true way of getting rid of that bad feeling. And it is not changing the things around you, but you. Don't get me wrong, I don't want you to change your whole personality just because you don't want to be jealous of the toothbrush of your sister anymore, what I'm trying to say is that it's better to be thankful for what you have and not always be wanting the things you don't have. Your sister might have a better toothbrush than you (really good example ik), but she might be wishing for the one you have. It is something human to always want what you don't have but just think about it for once.

There's a second thing on this whole subject, it's not really jealousy, but in my eyes something similar. It's about all that people who are always saying how bad they are at everything, how bad their whole life is. I do know there are first world people who do have serious problems, and my respect goes to all the people who manage to handle them, but when I see all those suicide-inspired tumblr accounts, it just makes me angry. The fact that you have a tumblr account shows me you have some sort of device. That shows me that you have some sort of money. And that shows me, that you have a ways better life than most of the people on this world. There are so many people that don't even know when their next meal will be, they don't know whether they will be alive the next morning, and you complain about stepping into a dog sh*t? Things like that really make me question our culture. And it can be handled just the same as the jealousy thing. TRY TO BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. Because the fact that you're reading this already shows me you have more than others could wish for.

I'm sorry that i drifted again, guys... And I know this last paragraph was quite aggressive, but I am not going to delete it because it is my opinion and if yours is different, we should both accept the fact that we don't have the same opinion.

Have a happy 2016 and make the best out of it because I can tell you it is worth it. Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter told me the future ;) Just Kidding, 2016, we're coming for you!


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