One Week's Difference

Howdy, everyone! I don't really have the time and creativity to write a really long post at the moment, but I just wanted to show you a couple of shots I took the other day. I have never really just gone out, like really gone out just to take some pictures before, but on that one Saturday, I was so damn bored that I actually left my little room and went out to take some pictures. I have the privilege of living right next to a sadly only really small forest and I just didn't know where else to go so I went and took some pictures of our dear mother nature. I can tell I am proud of some of the pictures I took but that's not what this is about. So the week after this Saturday, the weather on here had changed completely and I decided to go out again since otherwise I'd have had to study maths. The weather was beautiful and the sun shone beautifully and - surprise - it finally snowed over here. I didn't mean to do what I ended up doing, but when I was there in the forest again, I had the idea of retaking some of the pictures I had taken the week before to see the difference. So here you can see the results ;)

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