I Did It Again.

Howdy, everyone! 
I don't know about you, but I spend ways too much time locked up in my room, watching youtube videos which, to be honest, sometimes don't really interest me but I just watch them anyways. And as an internet person who likes to watch loads of YouTubers, it is impossible not to know who Zoe Sugg aka Zoella is. In case you don't often watch YouTube or you have somehow managed to find a way around her, I can tell you she is one of the most successful british bloggers and YouTubers and in my opinion she really does good for the internet community. But as every YouTuber nowadays, she brought out a book called Girl Online on the 25th November 2014 and as it was so brilliantly well written and just a book the average teenager can relate to in some way, she recently released a sequel called Girl Online: On Tour. But enough of the stuff most of you probably already know anyways, I  now want to get to the point of this post.

On June 13th 2015 I posted a post called "I Did It" in which I was sharing my decision to finally buy and read Zoe's book. I remember it being one of the first real posts I made, with proper pictures, and more than two sentences under them. I also remember being the one who read this post probably more than all of you together. Since this post brings so many good memories and just good feelings in general, I now decided to redo it, since I just bought Girl Online: On Tour two days ago. And I do know that I have been doing or may I say redoing quite some posts lately, for example the spring favorites and this one right now. It is not because of a lack of creativity or because I don't have fun posting anymore, it's because exactly one year ago, I was in such a different situation than I am now and I think I just need something to remind me of what I was back then. Anyways, I'm just rambling on here so let's get to the real stuff! 

First of all, I have to start of by telling you all that I literally had to go to the children's books section in the book shop and I admittedly felt a little uncomfortable having a look around the bookshelf with a huge sign saying "Children 8-11" on top of it but it was worth it. I don't know why but I seem to like children's books (My favorite book is called "Dreamer Ballerina" and, well, it's from the children's section as well). Anyways, I didn't actually plan on buying Girl Online: On Tour but I went to town to go to the library because I wanted to get hold of "the maze runner" (Yay, this one is probably not in the children's section),  just to find out that the library was closed. So instead of just heading back home I decided to go and have a look in a bookstore nearby and I just walked by the shelf with the Girl Online: On Tour - book on it and let's just say it kind of caught my eye. The bright colours aren't really that hart to spot in a shelf full of black and greyish books. And I'm rambling again. However, I ended up with the book in my bag and I don't regret it so far.

Secondly, I can say, even though the book is from the children's section and although it wasn't written by a successful author but by a successful YouTuber, I know I would have loved the book when I didn't know Zella at all, too. (Wow that was a confusing sentence but I think you get what I mean...?) When I read the first book, I was surprised on how good the story actually is and I can tell the second book isn't anything like a disappointment. It is written just as well, if not better and the actual story ist just as relatable as in the first one, if not even more. There are a few scenes I personally would have written very differently but it is not my book and I find those scenes in every book I read and every film I watch so that is just normal and I think you all know and hate the feeling of wanting to change something in a book or film and not being able to.

So, as a favor to anyone who hasn't read the book(s) yet, I am not going to give away what happens in any of both books but I can tell you, they both are worth the money, the effort of reading them and also the tears I definitely shed in some of the sad scenes. The books are relatable and brilliantly well written and if you like reading and you don't know what to read next, Girl Online (On Tour) will definitely entertain you and I have to admit, it really made me miss the boyfriend I don't have, even though there is so much drama about love in the books.

I seriously don't really know what I planned on writing when I started writing this post but I know that I definitely did not follow my plans, just as always. I hope you had some fun reading my ramblings about a book you probably have already read anyways...

What about you, though? Have you read Girl Online or Girl Online: On Tour or both haha...? If you have, leave your opinion in the comments and if you haven't, well, I can't do more than highly recommend it to anyone!

luv u

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