Teeny Tiny Thoughts - Friday - Books & Plants

Hello Friends! It's Friday and I bet you are all just as exited for the weekend as I am. I actually planned this post to be some sort of 'recent reads' or 'what I read in the last decade' but since school is literally taking over my life a bit more every day, I have realized that I actually didn't really read much new things in the past few weeks... Sad but true. So I figured I had to put something else into this and, believe me, it was pretty easy to find something. I was taking some pictures of the books I wanted to put into this post and thought it was a little boring to just take a picture of all the books in the same environment so I went outside and - surpriseeee! - there are plants outside and as I have mentioned earlier, they aren't necessarily hard to find. 

Now, Solange, stop the rambling, start the important talk.

So the books I have been reading lately were, of course the both the Girl Online books by Zoella. After I had bought the second book, I read them both again because, let's be honest, it has been a while since Girl Online came out. They both are definitely worth reading but if you want to see a proper post about both the books, I wrote posts about them... I Did It. I Did It Again.

Other books that I read were The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials. I know, I know, I'm kind of late on this whole maze runner train and, let's be real for a minute, we've all gotten a little but annoyed by all the talk about it. But now that I have read the first two books of the series I completely understand why. They are mysterious and also really brutal at certain parts and I have to admit that murder and tragic deaths that don't have anything to do with magic aren't usually really my cup of tea, but these books really caught me and I finished both of them in like two days. I also have the third book (The Death Cure) but I haven't started reading yet myself and my mind need a little break of all the brutality, but I know for sure that I am going to read all the remaining books from the series.
Just as a little add-in, I want to warn you that - in case you are like me and haven't read the maze runner series yet... READ IT. And also watch the films. The books are good, the films are good. But don't expect them to be about the same story. Or the same thing. Or have any similarity at all. Just sayin'

The third and last thing I read in the last couple of weeks (and in the last couple of months and years) was of course Harry Potter. I am currently at Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the sevenbilliontrillionthousandhundred-th time and I still haven't got bored of it so I guess when I'm sixty I'll still be crying about Sirius' death (I am so sorry if I just spoiled anyone but if you're living right now and you haven't read Harry Potter yet it's your fault).

Nooooooooow. The title of this rather random post is Books & Plants so let's get to the green part of this whole thing.

I guess I gotta explain this. As a huge spiciness-fan I went and got a chili plant the other day. And it actually worked! They are only green and yellow but I hope in a couple of weeks they'll be ready to be eaten. I really don't know why I wanna share this with the world and to be honest, when I'd be reading someone's blog and he posted something like that I'd probably not even look at it because I wouldn't be interested but as I have said many times before, this blog is also for myself and not to get as many page views as possible so I can not hold this in.
Plus these chilis are literally my babies and if anything ever happens to them I will make sure they stay honoured and if the plant ever dies, I'll give it a nice little funeral.
I have always liked plants and I used to have these cute little strawberry plants in my room that sadly wouldn't ever have real strawberries on them because there were no bees to pollinate (yes I had to go to google translate to get this word correctly). When I gave up the strawberries I tried cacti. All of them died because I watered them too much (because I loved them so much I didn't want them to die of thirst) except for one which I later gave to my sister because she seemed to have a better feeling for how to properly treat cacti. But now, I'm back at the gardening game with my chili! And they haven't died so far (the leaves got all yellow a couple of weeks back but I managed to cure that out).

Anyways, I'll keep you updated about my chili and maybe also about the books I'm reading but now I really want to watch some youtube or another little Harry Potter film so I hope to see you sooooooon :) 


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