Teeny Tiny Thoughts - Wednesday - Excuses

HELLO EVERYONE! well that was enthusiastic... However, I have not really been posting lately and I am aware of that but believe it or not... I actually have something like a personal life and sadly also still have to go to school to learn all these things I'm never ever going to think about again after pushing them into my head and learning them by heart. It's probably not the best attitude to think like that about school and over all, I am grateful for being able to go to school and have an education - unless so many others in this world... Anyways, as you have probably already seen in my title, today's random post is all about excuses and my ever so philosophical thoughts about them. 

We use excuses all the time, especially as someone who goes to school, excuses are so extremely important it could get you into trouble if you don't come up with an excuse in time - and let's just start with the most common excuses: excuses to explain why you haven't been able to do your homework. Whether there has been a pink-and-fluffy-cats-apocalypse in your room or it has simply just been your pet frog eating your homework - who hasn't ever had to make an excuse for forgetting their homework? I don't know anyone... But we don't only make excuses for school or business stuff, I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who makes excuses for themselves. Personally, I can get very creative when I should revise or just do some homework. A couple of days ago I made a new garland for my room during the time I should have used to do some maths homework and I also sewed a new key holder whilst I was supposed to be revising chemistry, all in all I think you get my point...

But to get to the point of this post: EXCUSES ARE NO GOOD. surpriseeeee! Who would have thought that? But seriously, I have noticed lately that - no matter how much fun you have doing something whilst you're supposed to be doing something very different - I promise it'll be even more fun when you do it without that little annoying thought in the back of your head that you are constantly trying to block out to make sure you don't consciously think about it. I've had this realization a couple of times already and I mean - a couples of excuses are okay - but don't exaggerate. There are always limits and I myself really tend to ignore them. 

This is a very short post but I don't really have much time right now because - I'm just being honest - I'm kinda writing this as an excuse right now so I don't have to get off my comfy bed and finish studying for the maths exam I'm gonna have tomorrow...

Anyways, be prepared for something bookish to come your way soon... :)


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