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Hello my fellow internet people! I know I haven not really been posting much recently and I am terribly sorry for that and - to be honest - I don't even know why. I guess it's just another phase. Sometimes writing just goes so easy and the words in my head literally beg to be written down and sometimes, well, sometimes they don't. I have focused on different things than this blog lately and it's been a good time but I always have really fun times writing posts and taking pictures for this blog, too, and I don't even want to think about losing that...
However, I sadly have to tell you now that I am not back with a really informative and interesting post with loads of funny jokes in it... I thought really long about what I could post and I thought I could just get you to know me a little bit better.
I know this is probably not the most interesting thing to be reading but I hope for some you it's still worth reading and I know it'll be funny for me to read this post in a couple of months.

For those that don't read my blog regularly or haven't read it ever before; I'm just going to start right at the start:

My name is Solange and I live in Switzerland. What a load of information. I was born in April 2001 and I am currently spending my ninth year in stinking classrooms trying to listen to the teacher's preaches instead of thinking about Harry Potter all day. Don't get me wrong, I am not a necessarily bad student, I'm just a little lazy-bones sometimes. And I spend too much time on the internet. I started this blog a little bit more than a year ago, planning that it was going to be a DIY and lifestyle blog called c'est la vie (french: it's life) but as you can see my life is too out of control and my creativity is too limited to make this idea happen. A few weeks later I picked up a camera and decided to capture a few things - and this was when I discovered that photography is actually pretty amazing. I changed the name of the blog to 'out of focus', I changed the whole idea of this blog. And I am much happier with what it is now. I soon started writing ways too philosophical posts on here and the photography drowned a little bit, but it survived.
But back to me as a person. I don't know how other people would describe me but when I asked my best friend what word she would use to describe me as a person she said 'odd' and I guess that kind of gets the point. I can be quite a weirdo, even though I tend to drown a little bit in the mass - I don't like to be in the centre of everything and I often feel bad in the spotlight. That's also why I chose not to tell anybody about this blog - not my family, not my friends - no one. Keeping secrets used to be a little problematic for me back in primary school and I admit, I might have told some people things I wasn't supposed to tell them but I have - at least I most dearly hope so - have changed a lot since primary school. I really didn't tell anybody about this blog until about October last year when I told my best friend who had to solemnly swear (that I'm up to no good #HarryPotter haha) that she wouldn't tell anyone about it, which she hasn't yet and I fully trust her that she won't in the near future. I don't really know why I don't want anyone to know about this, I guess I can just write a lot more openly when I know the readers are all people whom I don't know personally that I could if half my school was reading.
I'm rambling again. Sorry, rambling is just my thing. So let's talk about the future. That's something I can't really tell you much about. I don't know what I want to be 'when I grow up'. But I still have three and a half years to go until I need to know. I'd really like to travel a little bit after school and I always say I want to leave Switzerland and go live somewhere else, maybe Canada or the UK. Maybe even the USA, depends on whether Donald Trump becomes president or not.

So I guess it's enough about me for now... If you want to know a little bit more about me click here or leave a question in the comments.

Thanks for reading myself rambling about myself and being all bigheaded...

C U soon

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