Teeny Tiny Thoughts - Wednesday - Saying Yes & Photography Update

Hello there! I guess it's time for me to sound all wise and philosophical again today!

And at this point, may I start completely head over heels and say that I'm not scared of people that I don't know anymore. Believe it or not but I really used to be afraid - seriously being scared - of people. I've never in that not so very long life of mine a person to talk to new people, to really get involved. I've never been the one to text first, I'm barely ever the one to write in group chats. Okay, that was a really bad example. But I think you get what I mean. It's not that I wouldn't talk to anyone or didn't have friends but I just didn't like to step out of my comfort zone and still don't - but I've learned that it's not the worst thing to do to just do something you don't usually do every once in a while. I am a person who does not like changes at all. At all. Like, really not at all. Not in any way. With some major changes in my life in the past year (well, major for my point of view - probably just as small as a mosquito for a normal person) that I didn't get to chose whether I wanted them to happen or not, it has not always been easy but it has taught me a lot. I've more and more learned no step up and do the things I want to do - not the things others expect me to do. And, let me just quickly tell you, although a few people might look at you differently or strangely, it's totally worth it. And the thing with being a professional worrier and overthinker like I am is that you have to realize that most people don't even notice your struggles - if you are overthinking a shirt or a piece of art you did, just do it. Say yes. If there's doubt, say yes. (Except of course when someone's offering you drugs or asking you to marry them and you have never seen them before, etc.) Perhaps that's why I like photography. If there's doubt, yes. The only difference between real life and photography is that in photography there are no real consequences. 

I have been the first person to say no in the past - just because I was scared of doing new things, experiencing new terrains. Of course I never actually realized that I was doing that and my sister kept telling me that I was doing this and I kept saying 'no, I'm not, I just really don't want to' but that's not how it works. At least not for me. That's like an alcoholic saying that they could stop drinking any time but they just don't want to. That's what we call denial, I guess. 

The thing about saying no to anything that isn't staying at home and watching grey's anatomy is that you'll never end up being happier that if you just say yes. You might be a bit more comfortable and all that but you'll end up missing so many things and I don't think I need to tell you that you'll regret that you've not been part of a few of these things.

To stop the intelligent pep talk and start with the creative part of this post I would like to show you some of my recent works of photography.

The thing that really bugs me about this picture is that one of the announced films is Bibi & Tina which is really not the kind of film I would want to go watching - except of course if I was with my 7 year old niece that doesn't actually exist. (Bibi & Tina is a german children's movie)

Oh, look! It's Professor Slughorn (If you didn't get that read Harry Potter immediately)

Hope to see you soooooooon :)

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