16 Things I Want to Do Before I'm 16

These goals are meant to be achieved in the next 233 days

1. Go to a photography workshop.

2. Shoot a Black&White film.

3. Watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in theaters.

4. Make a trip through Switzerland with only my camera and I.

5. Go through a whole Harry-Potter-marathon without falling asleep.

6. Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies.

(Yes, I haven't seen a single one yet, I'm a bad person I know.)

7. Travel to a country I've never been before.

8. Go on a trip with friends on which dices decide where we go. 

9. Shoot a film that's longer than 5 minutes.

10. Go to a big concert

11. Get a babysitting job

12. Get to know the photo editing program "GIMP" a bit better because I don't have a clue

13. Post more on my Instagram

14. Bake something delicious and decent-looking 

(I'm not really good at anything that's got anything to do with being in the kitchen)

15. Ride a rollercoaster that's really goddamn scary 

(because I'm sick of always being the person that doesn't go and then regrets it afterwards)

16. Understand what Tumblr is about

[17. stop donald trump from becoming president of the united states of america]

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