Life Update, Socializing & Gossip with Solange

Hello everybody! This post is quite all over the place but I hope it somehow makes you feel good anyways...
I don't know about you but my life has been quite spectacular but still normal lately. I've not really gotten to do a lot of photography - with school starting once again I've had quite enough on my head. The only photography I've been doing lately has been analog stuff (lomo camera'n'stuff) but I've not yet come as far as getting the films developed. But as soon as I've done that, I'll for sure write about it on here :) Anyways, I'm sorry I can't show you any new photography work at this moment, but I can give you a bit of an update on my life and a little bit of dirty gossip.

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The life update is here and it's long as hell so of you're not interested in my life, just scroll down a bit further...
So, since I live in a country that likes to be absolutely different from every other country - what can be quite annoying sometimes - my new school year did of course not start on september 1st like it does everywhere else (well, at least in Harry Potter), but already on august 14th (I believe, not sure though). That means I've been back to school for five solid weeks now and the autumn break is already only one week away. The past couple of weeks have been absolutely... different. I've spent a big part of the past year feeling bad for myself and being all down and stuff - that now, looking back at it, seems completely silly and a huge waste of time. I don't want to talk about what made me feel bad in this rather hard time because that's a subject for another post, but I'm going to tell you now that I have stopped doing that and I AM BACK. I've basically made a full comeback. People of my everyday-life probably haven't really noticed any difference because I'm not one to talk about feelings and stuff but in my mind, I've proceeded pretty far in only the last.. six or seven weeks. 

It all started with a very low point where I felt very bad about myself and my life and of course everything else. I wrote about it (not on the internet, though) and read the text a few days later and was like: what the heck is going on with me? And that was when I noticed that I really have to stop doing this, that a full year has been more than enough time to deal with said unknown issue and I decided to change something. I don't like changes - at all, change has even been part of the reason why i was feeling down, but I guess by avoiding changes just because you don't like them, you don't do yourself much of a favor.
What happened next was me inventing myself completely new (well, so new that nobody except for me would notice much of a difference). The things that I've always hated about myself is the fact that I'm this person that's absolutely shy and doesn't say a word when I'm around people I don't know too well or not at all, and on the other hand being a complete extrovert when with people I feel comfortable with. I'm not one to go up to somebody I don't know and I always wait for the others to make a move. To say it a bit shortened: I really don't like to step out of my very limited comfort zone. 

I knew I can't change the fact that I loathe stepping out of my comfort zone, so I decided that I could just enlarge my comfort zone instead of getting used to step out of it. [Gosh, this is turning all deep and stuff again]. To make this a bit shorter, I'm just going to tell you the results of said procedure.

I have successfully stopped myself from being nervous whenever I have to say or present something in front of the class at school.
I'm not the silent one in the corner anymore, I even talk to people whose names I don't know. 
Basically, I do all the stuff normal social people do.

And guys, the thing about it is: I don't even notice much of a difference! It's not like I have to make myself do these things. Socializing is much easier that I thought, I guess.

* * *

And this, my dears, is where the dirty gossip starts:

Grab a snack and get comfy because this is about to get real. Just kidding, I just want to be all girl for once and be gossiping, giving my opinion and judging celebrities. 

Another Disclaimer: The following content might offend some readers and I'm terribly sorry if I did so by writing this. These are all exaggerated statements and are to be taken with humour. 

1. Grace Vanderwaal
Soooooo... Since there's obviously nothing better to give my opinion on, I'll just start talking about Grace Vanderwaal. If you don't know who she is, well first of all, under what rock do you live, and secondly, holy cr*p. I've seen her first audition at the America's Got Talent show and watched all her performances ever since and let me just tell you, if there's anyone who deserves to win this show, it's her. And luckily, she did! I feel like in these kinds of shows there are often these ridiculous attendants and I really don't like watching other people embarrass themselves but this just showed that shows like America's Got Talent or the X Factor also bring out real talent.

2. New iPhone 7 
Well, I've always found the hype around the iPhones kind of ridiculous (at the same time I've been trying to get hold of an iPhone for years - I'm still left with my iStone though) and judging the new iPhone 7, I just have to say that to me, it seems like they're just making this iPhone bad so they can make the new one better. What a conspiracy theory, haha... Of course I can't judge it too well because I don't own one but I'd just rather have the iPhone 6 and not the 7 because who wants to solve a puzzle just to be able to listen to music whilst charging your phone?

3. United States of America's Election of a new President 2016
There was no way I wasn't going to write about this - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are absolutely everywhere, even on the front page of the newspapers in Switzerland. For me, I have my opinion on both of them and I'll probably disappoint some of you by saying that both of the candidates aren't really the best you could hope for. Donald Trump's view of the world is completely not understandable to be and I just don't get what goes on in said man's head -  at the same time Hillary Clinton's best argument is probably the fact that she's a woman. Still, I would, if I was able to, definitely vote for Clinton. In case of two not-so-great options, I guess you gotta take the better one.

4. Shawn Mendes' Illuminate
If you know me personally, you'll also know that my music taste is... mainstream. And you'll also know that I love Shawn Mendes as well as Justin Bieber. I know this'll probably throw you off a bit, there are loads of people that tell me that the fact that I like Justin Bieber's music - and not only the new stuff - really doesn't suit me and the person I am, but anyways, I like it.
But that's not what I'm here to write about, I've got a whole other post planned to talk about music.
What I want to say is: Illuminate is coming out in exactly 6 days. On september 23rd. The songs that have been released off the album so far (treat You Better, Ruin, Mercy, Three Empty Words, Don't Be A Fool)have all sent me to heaven and I can't wait to hear the 10 remaining songs off the album. Shawn Mendes never disappoints and I know for sure what I'll be listening to for the next few weeks.

NOW. Enough rambling, enough fingerling, enough judging, enough being stereotypical. This, my dear fellas, is the point where I realize how absolutely pointless this post is and where I overthink the decision to share this with the whole world by publishing this post.

I'm still going to do it, though.


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