A Few Tips and Tricks for Better Studying

Hello, everybody! As always, I certainly have an excuse on why I haven't posted in more than 10 days - I've been busy studying! I don't know what it's like at your school, but in my school we have the exams spread all over the semester, to say it differently: we don't have anything like an exam week or something like that. This doesn't mean I don't have weeks when I have four exams to study for (like this one), though! Anyways, considering myself (without any intention so sound bigheaded) not too much of a bad student, I have decided that I'm capable of giving studying tips - so that's what I'm doing today.

Because I am writing this post completely spontaneous and naturally aren't able to wait to post it until I took a few acceptably good pictures, there are sadly no pictures for this post... sorry :) (I might also add that I'm writing this after a 3-and-a-half-hour-biology-studying-session so I'm not too sure whether there's enough focus left in me to actually be able to write something)

1. Environment

Something I find very important is the environment. I don't know about you but for me there's no way to revise successfully when I don't feel comfortable. So for this season I usually light a few candles, take a warm blanket and get a cup of tea ready. I never used to think this was something important until I actually started caring about it, and let me just tell you, it makes revising a whole lot more enjoyable when you feel comfortable.

2. Attention span/ Setting goals

I'm not sure whether 'attention span' is an actual word, but I think you'll be able to figure out what I mean. So first of all, everybody has some sort of limit when it comes to the amount of time they're able to focus without taking a break. I used to try and press everything into my head in the least amount of time possible - so breaks were an absolute no-go, until one day I discovered that breaks can actually be very very very refreshing. What works for me the best is that I set a timer for 55-60 minutes before starting to study - which is about five to ten minutes longer than my 'attention span', but it still works. Towards the end of these 55 to 60 minutes I usually start noticing that it doesn't really work anymore, but if I set myself a goal I always want to reach it (yeah, I'm one of those) so I always try to get through the 60 minutes of studying without starting to sing out loudly (has definitely happened before haha) or seeing maths-studying as the right time to see whether I can still to a headstand. 
After this time it's best to just breathe for a minute, I usually get a snack and drink a bit, maybe even stretch a bit - but I highly advise not to go on your phone or starting to read a book during your break because I have definitely experienced these things being the thing that make a short break into a two hour break full of procrastination.

3. Distractions

As just mentioned, distractions have to be completely avoided whilst studying. Turn your phone on flight mode, place your book in a place you know yourself too lazy to go and get it, get any possible distraction out of the way.

4. Like what you do

I know this might sound impossible or kind of ridiculous and to a certain level it also is - but through the previous points, especially the first one, I always try to make myself enjoy studying and I have to admit: I have actually experienced the feeling of 'looking forward' to studying - even though this only works for my favorite subjects. 

Anyways, my attention span is definitely starting to end so I guess I see you next time... 
Oh and if you have any more tips, please write them in the comments, you can never have enough!


by the way can we talk about how this is already my third post this month?! I'm actually starting to get better at posting regularly, hehe :)

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