Happy Christmas!

Hello, hello, hello, there! It's finally the day we've all been waiting for - Christmas Eve is here! The last 24 days have (just as always) gone by ways too fast and I already miss the festiveness and the lights everywhere now (even though it's not even over yet, haha). 

Because of the things that have been happening all over the world it's (for me personally) pretty save to say that 2016 has certainly not been the best year of them all, there have been crazy elections and just so much hatred and so little joy and peace - but because today is Christmas Eve which to most people, including myself, is a day of joy and love I don't want to be talking about this now and I'll rather go on to wish everybody a very happy christmas and a lovely day. 

I don't really have much more to say than to simply point out the importance of loving one another, thinking about the things you say to people and spreading positivity rather than negativity. For the festive feeling's sake I may as well include a few Xmassy-pictures (That may even include a bit of fake snow because there's no real snow anywhere to be seen, haha).

 Stay humble, xx

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