New Years Resolutions / A New Kind Of Blogging

Welcome back! To dive straight in without any unnecessary rambling: Today's post is - as you probably know from the title anyways - about new years resolutions. Generally, I'm not a person that believes in new years resolutions. I just don't really understand the twist of 'new year, new me' and nobody ever sticks to their resolutions for long (or do they?!), so why even make any?
So even though I don't believe in the effect of it, I'm still going to do it. Classic, haha. I'll stay a bit more focused on the resolutions I have for this blog, though, because when it comes to life I already know that I'll never stick to any kind of resolution or goal.

My first ever blog post on this blog has been posted on January fourth 2015 which is soon to be two flippin' years ago - something that absolutely amazes me. How has it been so long already? However, I'll have to admit that blogging back then was quite different to what it is now - I never planned my posts in any way (tbh I still don't), my English was rubbish (I like to think it's not all too bad anymore nowadays...) and I posted about things I wasn't really interested in. And yes, I do cringe whenever I read my old posts. As much as I've become better with organising my posts and stuff, I'm still not very good at it. I don't have a regular schedule for my posts, I sometimes go weeks without writing a single word and some of my posts are completely pointless and confusing. And that, everybody, is what I'd like to change for next year. I have decided that I'm still not going to upload regularly, just because I don't ever want to feel like I have to post (and because I know I couldn't possibly stick to it) but I really want to post a lot more and put more time and effort into the individual posts. Blogging is kind of my escape and it never fails to make me feel good so I see absolutely no reason why I shouldn't do it more often. A lot more often.

Another thing I'll try to change in 2017 is that I want to do a lot more photography-related things. I'm not a very good photographer and I feel like I haven't really improved lately so I really want to change it (as photography is a huge part of what I want this blog to be about) and take you with me on the process of learning new things.

What I would also like to get a bit more sorted out is the following: I never read my posts through before posting them. I never leave a post on draft and go back to it a few days after starting to write it. I always get on my computer, start typing, insert the pictures and off the post goes for the world to see. Though this gives you as a reader the most unedited and unfiltered version possible of me and the way I write, I think to second guess a post every once in a while wouldn't be too bad.

One last thing that needs a bit of tidying is my social media. I have a twitter account and an instagram account for this blog - but I use both of them very rarely (especially the instagram). Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love instagram and I also use it lots - but because of the fact that I want this blog to be anonymous I don't use my personal accounts for this blog and therefore always have to sign in and sign out and sign back in and sign out and on and on and on. So the issue here is that I use my personal instagram a lot more than the one for this blog and there often is a huge gap  in which I don't post at all and then I post like three pictures in one day - basically it's just very chaotic.

Anyways, I'll try my best to stick to these few goals and make the best out of 2017. I think the world is ready for a new year, so I wish you a happy new year in advance (I haven't started tidying my blogging yet so I don't know yet whether this is the last post of the year or not, haha)!

I know, I know, there are still a few days to go...
Do you have any new years resolutions, if yes, what are they?


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