Thank You 2016 & The Year in Photographs

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back at it again (not with the white vans but with the fancy bloggin', haha. Bad joke? Yah, I know.)! As much as most of us would like it to be, 2016 is not yet over and despite of all the cr*p that has been going on this year all around the world and in my personal life, I decided to focus on all the good and fun things that happened in this hell of a year and am now going to tell you what these things were (from my perspective, of course).

Thank you 2016 for...

...illuminate by Shawn Mendes
Yeah, I know. How mainstream-y can you get? Well, many of my friends would probably tell you that I'm quite a good definition of mainstream. At least when it comes to the music I like. I have to defend myself though: there's a reason mainstream-y things are mainstream - it's only popular among such large groups of people because loads of people genuinely like it so I guess it has to be good in some way...? Anyways, having been quite the fangirl when it comes to cute Canadians and their singing for a while now, this album has definitely been something that made this year a lot more acceptable and if you haven't listened to it yet you're missing out. So thanks to 2016 (and Shawn Peter Raul Mendes) for this amazing piece of artwork and I'm hoping very desperately to get more of that in 2017.

...all the things I've learned
Oh, now we're getting serious, aren't we? Yes. 2016, or may I say the year in which I took upon my 16th year of being alive (meaning that I'm now stuck in puberty deeper than ever before) has, even more than 2015, been a year of getting to know the world and all that comes with it a bit better than before and I'm not going to lie: I learned a heck load of things. I'm not going to go in depth on what exactly I've learned as this is content for at least one full post of its own but yeah... Very educational year.

...amazing time blogging
I have said this for a few times before - my blogging habits have changed quite a lot since starting this in January 2015 and this year this blog has not only become a much bigger part of my life than before but I have also had the most amazing time writing the posts, taking pictures for them and chatting to some of you fellow bloggers and internet people. All in all, 2016 has been a very blogging-intense year (at least compared to 2015) and I flippin' loved it!

...vlogmas / blogmas 2016 | best Christmas ever
I've already mentioned this in my recent post about my new years resolutions - this christmas has been so intense and absolutely beautiful and I dare to say that it has been the best one in my life so far. It has also been an amazing xmas time internet-wise; I've never been so involved in Vlogmas/Blogmas as I was this year and it was so amazing to feel the christmas spirit all over the internet as well as all over life. Although I haven't done blogmas this year because I'm pretty sure my sanity would have suffered rather badly if I was to post something every day up to Christmas - this year's Chrismas has been absolutely insane and so full of love that I just had to mention it on here.

...very many crazy and unforgettable experiences with my friends
There's not much more to say to that. I'm just thankful for all the things I've done with my friends this year - from eating until being absolutely scattered and unable to move to doing random trips around Switzerland - it's been great.

I know, I know, I know. This is actually kind of a cheat because the book was already released in 2015 but as much as I know it's had most of its success now in 2016 and I myself also read it in 2016 and therefore think it's appropriate to put it in here. As some of you may know from previous posts (I'm sure I've mentioned this heartbreaker of a book somewhere in another post of mine...) this one book called 'All the Bright Places' has managed to completely rip out my heart and make me question the existence of a positive effect of reading this year. Although I've still not fully recovered from all the sadness in this book I have to admit it's a damn good book and I recommend it for everyone to read (but be prepared for non-stop reading and helpless crying!). May I also mention that this book is currently being made into a movie which is most definitely going to be the death of me so enjoy my presence as long as you still can, just sayin'...

What would 2016 have been without Fantastic Beasts?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. What would this post have been without Fantastic Beasts? You guessed it! Absolutely nothing. There's not many words that describe this movie and I've already used the little selection of words that actually do in my film review but I'm just quickly going to repeat them for you; Brilliant. Terrifying. Creative. Inspirational. Magical.

2016 in photographs:

2016 has also been hugely educating photography-wise (although I still consider myself on a rather low level of ability...) and because of the many photo-related things I did in 2016 I have picked out the following few pictures that are pretty fundamental pictures that I have taken throughout the year. (You might notice a certain black and white 'filter' appearing repeatedly - I may or may not have had a little obsession with this filter for quite a while and I also may or may not happen to have lost or deleted the originals to these pictures) I assume you have already seen most of these photographs as I have used most of them already somewhere in a post but I think it's nice to see them again...

Throwback to the time when we actually had snow in Switzerland...

Somebody please take me back to Amrum...
autumn, autumn, autumn...
first attempts of lomography!

bokeh shaping...

Well, well, well! I hope you enjoyed this little spree through the year because I definitely had a lot of fun reminiscing through all the things that have happened over 2016. I hope you have a fun new year's eve and I'll see you in 2017!


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