The One That's Written About Bokehs

Hello back! Today I'll be writing about Bokehs. And just as myself an hour ago, you probably don't really know what said thing is.

The word 'bokeh' is Japanese and means as much as 'blur' (at least that's what google says). So next to all the christmas shopping and studying,  I certainly also try to not abandon photography, so I'm here to talk to you about bokehs. weird. Anyways, I got this idea from instagram (again haha) and basically what it does is, it makes the blurred highlights in pictures have any shape you want them to be.

So... this picture is what bokehs normally look like, just round highlighted spots. ↑

And on this picture I used a booked-shaper to make them look like hearts. So you might be wondering how i did this and I'm not going to leave this to you to find out - it is actually very easy and you don't even have to buy anything to take pictures like this. 

All you have to do is get a piece of paper, cut out whatever shape you want the bokehs to be and then tape it to the front of your camera. When I first searched the internet to find out how exactly to do this, I got pretty worried because wherever I found something about this technique, very expensive and high quality cameras were involved - and for those that don't know, I shoot with a sony alpha 5000 which is an acceptable, but not a great camera. So as I sat there in front of my phone, watching youtube video after youtube video worrying about the fact that all the lenses there were about three times the size of mine, but yet I still tried it out and I guess it definitely was worth it.

This is what your camera should look like...

I have only just now discovered this (and I'm most definitely going to be doing more of this soon) so I don't have too many pictures to show you, but I just couldn't wait to share it another time. I would love to go out to town with this one day and take a ton of pictures with all the city lights and the different coloured lights. Anyways, I hope I gave you at least a tiny bit of photography inspiration and hope you're having a wonderful December up to now!

See you in three days,

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