The One That's Written By My Best Friend

Hi guys
You’ll maybe notice that this blog has more mistakes than usually. Well, there’s a simple reason for that: I’m not the same person as usually. I’m the best friend. I actually have no idea how I should call my best friend now, I can’t use her real name, and “the person who usually writes the blogs here” is just too long, I’m a quite lazy person. Maybe I’m just gonna refer to her as “the owner”. That’s short, and doesn’t give any clues. So, when the owner asked me, if I’d write a blog for her, I had no idea what to write. To be honest, I still don’t. When I told the owner that, she said I should just start writing and something would come up. Well, let’s hope she’s right… (A little thing: I just found out that the owner calls herself Solange, so I could do that too, but as stubborn as I am, I’m just gonna continue to call Solange “the owner”. It’s more fun for me, I’m sorry…)

The first thing that came into my mind is this summer. Let’s just try this topic. The summer’s gone now, at least here in Switzerland. It’s a pity, but on the other hand, I’m looking forward to my birthday, which is pretty soon. I’m getting 16, a pretty cool age, at least I hope so. But to be honest, I actually already feel more 16 than 15. Maybe it’s because most of my friends are already 16, but it doesn’t really matter actually. I know the owner posted a list of what she wanted to do before she’s 16. I don’t have such a thing, but even if I did, I don’t think I would have done anything from that list by the time I’ve become 16. As I said, I’m a lazy person who’d like to do tons of things. And according to that, the things on my list would probably be something like “spend the holidays, at least a week, with friends somewhere away from home”. I’d really love to do that, but, as the owner can affirm, this isn’t gonna happen in the next time. Maybe just all of my friends are too lazy to organize something like that. But what I’m gonna have done by the time I’m 16 is a trip to London. That’s a thing the owner and I share: we both wanna go to London really bad, and I always thought she was gonna be the one that goes first, but as a matter of fact, I’m going first, to be more precise, on the 9th of October. That’s pretty soon, or already over, I have no idea when the owner is going to post this… It’s just for three days, which is never enough to do all the stuff I wanna do, but I’m looking really forward to it anyways. I’m sorry, owner, really, but I had to write this. I’m really excited, as you probably can imagine…

Anyways, I actually didn’t wanna write about that. I have no idea, where you all live and what you do in your spare time, but near to where I live is a place I really like to spend time. It’s next to a river, and there is grass with a few fireplaces, a volley ball net, and even some pieces of wood, which is really practical. You can go there to be with your friends, to spend the afternoon with lying around and going swimming in the river. And in the evening, you can make a fire, grill some stuff, get cold, talk, enjoy your life, maybe get a bit drunk or look after the ones who have. That can be really funny sometimes. It’s just kinda how I imagined the life of a teenager should be. I know, you can also go in clubs and that stuff, but I’m not the type for that. So for me it’s just really great to be there. I think that’s partly because of the great people I’m there with, the great place with the great river you can go swim in, but also it is because for me it tastes like freedom. Yes, I know, this freedom thing is very stereotypical for people in my age, but it’s true. It’s just like, when you’re there, doing whatever you wanna do, go into the river or play Frisbee, take a beer or not, lie down or keep sitting, speak with the person to your right or the one that’s sitting opposite you, you can really taste all those possibilities, taste the freedom. And then, when you’re going home in the darkness, through the empty streets, being a bit cold but not really, ‘cause it’s summer, you just feel that you’re young and that your life is pretty great. And while you’re maybe dancing a bit on the street to the music you’re maybe listening to, you feel free. Yes, I again know that that’s a bit over the top, but maybe you get what I mean. If not, never mind and just think I’m a bit weird or something. Do whatever you want J. And you know, I just really love this feeling, and not even the fact that I have to be home quite early because of my parents can entirely destroy it. 
Of course, there are also many other things I love to do during the summer or during the whole year, like cooking muffins with friends or invite a few of my best friends for a sleepover where we didn’t actually sleep that much but watched the stupidest thing we could find on TV and totally made fun of it, which was quite funny because we were all pretty tired. This stuff gives me sometimes that same feeling, just a bit different. 
Well, I have no idea how long this blog is supposed to be and how long you are willing to read this stuff from me, and I also have absolutely no idea if you like it… I could just keep writing. You probably don’t know this about me (how could you, you have no idea who I am), but I can talk for a veeeery long time if I want to. Even if I don’t want to, to be honest. I guess what I’m gonna do is just stop here, because if I now start another topic, it is probably gonna take a while to finish it.

So, goodbye then, I really hope you liked to read something from me and are not to disappointed that the owner didn’t write it… And that there are no pictures, at least not from me, but I would never try to compete with the owner’s pictures. So maybe, she will add some of her pictures. 

Well then, take care, it was nice to “meet” you all…
The best friend 
(I have also no idea how the owner wants me to call myself, so that’s just the easiest thing to do…)

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