The One That's Written First

So... Generally, I guess I'm not a very active blogger, considering that most of my peers post almost every day or at least a few times a week - for me it's already an accomplishment if I post something every week. Said inactivity isn't because I don't like blogging or something, there's just so many other things to do in this world and I only want to upload things that I fully stand behind and that I put a certain amount of work in. It's not that I'm an extremely busy person, but I think for most of you it's still pretty clear what I'm trying to say here.
Anyways, a few months ago I had an idea and, as always, it took me ages until I only started doing things to make said idea into something real and existing, not to mention how long it took me to finish the whole thing. However, by the time you read this, I will hopefully have finished it all, otherwise something went terribly wrong.

So, this idea I had was to make a series of posts that are a bit different from what I usually do on here. Not especially content-wise, but in the way it's written. Because of my laziness and because of the fact that, as I said it took me ages to set this whole thing up even though others do certain things all the time, I have now more or less finished the project - just in time for December. So as my version of "vlogmas" I will be posting posts every three days for the first 24 days of December, which is, as said before, a big deal for me, probably not so much of a big deal for you. These posts will go up on the following times:

December 1st (This one here, hahah), 17:00 Central European Time

December 3rd, 17:00 CET

December 6th, 17:00 CET

December 9th, 17:00 CET

December 12th, 17:00 CET

December 15th, 17:00 CET

December 18th, 17:00 CET

December 21st, 17:00 CET

December 24th, 14:00 CET

If I want to do a regular post in between them, I certainly will, so these nine posts ↑ are the one's you'll get for sure, and maybe there'll be more...

So... I hope you are at least a tiny bit exited because I definitely am, see you in December 3rd, bye :)

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