The Olloclip - Review

Hello, hi, hey, hullo, wassup... As always, it's been a while. Why I didn't post? School. I don't even think I have to add any further explanation to this. 
   So you might be wondering what we're up to today on here? Well, although you're probably thinking anything but this at the moment because the title has most definitely betrayed me and my intentions for today's post, I'm just quickly going to give you a tiny little run through of what to expect from this. 
  1. This is a very long post. Very very long. I have a bazillion pictures to share and just as many thoughts and opinions.
  2. I cannot and will not guarantee you that you'll come out any smarter after reading this post.
  3. But I very desperately hope you're still hanging on there somewhere and keep on reading 'til the end.
Just like me a couple of weeks ago, you might have no clue what on earth an olloclip is. My knowledge about this only just started existing when that dear dad of mine was kind enough to give one of those cute little thingys to me for Christmas (in case something has gone terribly wrong and you're reading this, Dad, thanks a lot, I'll be forever grateful!). 

As a short conclusion, an olloclip is this clip that you can put onto your phone and it enables you to do a lot more things with your phone camera than without it. The one I have is the olloclip 4-IN1 Lens for iPhone 5/5s/SE and you might want to click here to see more of it (There are also plenty others if you have a different phone).

The clip I have consists of the actual clip that you put onto your phone and two separate removable lenses. There's a fisheye lens (left) and a wide-angle lens (right).

overall pros & cons

+ it's flippin cool
+ it's a new experience every time you use it
+ endless possibilities
+ easy to take anywhere and everywhere

- requires careful handling as I'd imagine one of the lenses scratched pretty easily
- not compatible with most phone cases

1. Fisheye lens

To be quite frank, I haven't used neither of the two lenses which you can take off and on an awful lot. I don't have a picture taken with the fisheye lens because all the pictures I found that have been taken with it involve people on them which I'm obviously not going to post on here. So I'll probably do a separate post on the fisheye lens one day. Sorry :/

pros & cons

+ incredibly huge angle - you can get a huge amount of things in one picture

- it's quite hard to get a - in my opinion - good shot
because I personally don't like that everything is kind of

2. Macro 15x

The real magic (in my opinion, haha) happens when you take off the lenses. 'Under' the fisheye lens there's another lovely little lens with which you're able to go all macro - it makes it possible to get a 15x enlargement and everything is completely in focus. Yes, I did freak out when I used it for the first time. Yes, I still freak out over it.  
Though it's completely amazing to be able to see things so closely with this lens (it can focus closer that your eyes (or at least mine)) it can also be a bit hard to get a steady picture because everything is so close and just a little bit of shaking is enough to make the picture blurry - you will probably notice said lack of balance in some of the following pictures that have been taken with this lens. It's also a bit challenging if you have a certain object you want to have in focus because you really need to have a steady hand in order to guide your phone calmly. Just a tiny little shift will make something else be in focus - basically what I'm describing here is that the focal length (is that what you call it? I'm still behind with all the technical jargon) of this lens obviously is incredibly short (This is very well spottable in the last picture with the pebbles, just saying).

pros & cons

+ incredibly close focus
+ amazing field of depth (blurry background)
+ enables you to see things from a very different side

- not for shaky hands
- difficult to have control over

A few pictures taken with the micro 15x:

Ice crystals on a window

3. Wide-angle

Like the fisheye, I haven't done too much with this lens yet - I just find it a bit difficult to get adjusted to it but I've been getting along with it a tiny bit better than with the fisheye lens. I even have two pictures taken with it to show you. But. There's always a but. One of them is kind of a cheat. Basically, what happened is that the picture (first one following) is actually acceptably good (except for the fact that there's a bit of blur in the top left corner) but I had to crop quite a bit out because of the same reason as always; there's people in it that don't want to be on the internet.  
   As just mentioned, one problem that I've been experiencing with this lens is that there sometimes is blur in the corners. I haven't quite figured out why, maybe it's just me putting on the clip the wrong way, I don't know. 

pros & cons

+ wide angle - obviously very useful for landscape photography
+ another way of watching the world from different angles

- you need to be able to handle it properly (something
I've not quite managed yet)
- if you take photographs of things that are too near, 
there's the 'curving' effect again (not necessarily a 
negative aspect, actually)

A few pictures taken with the wide-angle lens:

4. Micro 10x

This little gadget is hidden under the lovely wide angle lens and again, I'm going absolute nuts over it. If you were to ask me which one of the four different possibilities (fisheye, wide-angle, macro 15x, macro 10x) I like the most, I would probably tell you that this is the best one. It's still very detailed and very very close up but doesn't require as much steadiness as the 15x and it also has a bit of a longer focal length which makes it easier to have the focus on whatever you want it to be.
   I honestly don't really have anything negative to say about this, it's just... absolutely amazing.

pros & cons

+ extremely close focus
+ not as shake-y as the 15x
+ amazing depth of field

A few pictures taken with the macro 10x:

oh look. it's my eye.

Well, well, well. I don't know about you but to me this is a gadget that I'll surely spend a lot more time with and you'll most definitely also see more of it on here. 
   As for my part writing this post has been a huge pleasure and I enjoy geeking out over camera stuff every once in a while (even though it often makes me feel as though I don't know anything about cameras. I'm sorry if I used wrong terms and stuff :/) and I hope to do it again sometime soon...

Do you have any experience with olloclips or similar? 
Do you agree with my statements or have just produced a whole post worth of absolute rubbish?
Let me know, haha.
See you asap.

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