5 Tips For Forgetful People

Hello and welcome! As always, it's been a gap ways too long since my last post! Anyways, I'm back and ready to show you 5 ways to get your stuff a bit more together - some tips that I'll personally have to come back to and look at because - to keep it completely and utterly honest with you - I'm not the best at organising my schedule and things like that as well. And I forget a lot. But over the (not so many) years of experience I have learned quite a few things that really help and that make it a bit easier for people that tend to be a bit... sloppy at times like me.

1. Write absolutely everything down. EVERYTHING.  

Trust me, I know you think you're not going to forget about those two chapters you need to read for English class. And trust me again when I tell you that you will. What can go wrong, does go wrong. What my point is: Even though you may be like me and think you're still young and fresh and don't need that second reminder to do something - you'll still end up forgetting things. The human brain is designed to forget - forgetting is important for any kind of bad experiences and any unnecessary information so the brain doesn't get overwhelmed too quickly. Sadly the brain doesn't always do a completely flawless job at sorting the necessary from the unnecessary so we end up forgetting important information and that's not a question of age or intelligence, it's simply how it is. SO... Write everything that shouldn't be forgotten down somewhere into a notebook!
2. Oh boy, you'll need notebooks.  
That's kind of obvious isn't it? If you're going to write everything down you don't want your notes to go swirling around the world so you never find them ever again - a million notes won't help if you don't go back to look at them. As for me it works best to simply have one single notebook where I write down all the important stuff. Everything, no matter whether it's school related ot blog related to just anything else. This way there's no danger of writing things into the wrong book or something like that - but if I lose this one, all is lost... I guess for this you'll have to figure out what works best yourself.
3. Now, not later!
This is a phrase that could literally be used for any kind of situation in life. But for now we'll just focus on the organisation-part. So if you have that one idea, that one thing that pops into your mind that you reeeeallly don't want to forget, the worst thing you can do is to tell yourself "oh I'll just write it down later!". No, you won't. You'll most likely have forgotten about it in two minutes (you don't want to know how many post ideas of mine have gone out of the window because of me thinking to myself that I'll just write it down later). So write it down now. Not in two minutes.

4. Revisit Notes
In order to get your weekly schedule neatly planted into your head it helps to have some sort of diary or agenda. But what does any diary help if you don't look into it or don't fill it out? (Well, what a great example that picture is, Solange! Haha, seriously though, I do actually do this but due to the fact that there's no such thing as 'Solange's social life' existing on earth (and if it does I haven't found it yet), this page sadly is empty.)
  •  Look at point 1 & 3 again and use them when it comes to any entrys into your agenda as well as for general notes
  • Have a quiet little sit down at the start of the week (most of the time I do this at either Sunday evening or Monday morning) and look over your schedule for the next week. Any important tests? Exams? An appointment? This way you get a better look on what's ahead!

5. Keep things clean. 
I'm not talking about literal hygiene here - what I mean is that the messy mind lives in a messy environment. I'm not telling you to clean your room, that's not my job to do, but what I'm trying to tell you here is that clean and neat notes that are made on a clean desk in a clean room probably have a higher possability of being remembered than messy notes made on a messy desk in a messy room. Just sayin'...
 *  *  *
Okayyy! I hope I could help some of you with these tips and I'll see you next time! Leave a comment if you have any more tips - I'm always keen on a few new one's!


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