Girlyness & All That Comes With It

Who would have ever believed that I'd be back this quickly? Well, here I am, my head full of thoughts that desperately want to be shared again. Theoretically this would be a post for my series 'Teeny Tiny Thoughts' where I talk about all the little (and also the not-so-little ones) thoughts that find their way into my head but because I perceive this topic as something so important and I don't want this post do drown in the "mass" of other thoughts in that series, this is just a normal post. 

Just like all the other topics I talk about here (check out my other 'Teeny Tiny Thoughts for more thoughts #ShamelessSelfPromo, eheh) this specific one has been on my mind for ages and I've even started writing a post about it. This post sadly ended up being deleted because I didn't like it. Just to get things straight and logical here: this is not necessarily one single topic - it's basically two coming together.

In order to get into this we need to start right at the beginning; I have never been a very 'girly' girl. I never had a problem with spiders and I used to hate dresses. I know this is all stereotypical and stuff but I think you get the point. Because of the fact that I'm not too much into things that are considered 'girly' by our society (at least didn't use to) I have gathered a group of friends around me that are quite similar - you probably won't find me and my friends talking make-up and outfits too often. Now because I have always been this way it has kind become a bad thing to be 'girly' and that's where the problem is.

With this comes the fact that I'm not big with social medias, I don't have thousands of followers on instagram or twitter and I don't think that's bad because I genuinely don't believe it would make me a better or happier person if I did - still there's an issue. I have gotten so used to the thought of 'selfies' or generally just pictures of myself being something that I don't do because it's too 'girly' or normal - another thing I don't believe to be positive. I have found myself feeling of more worth than others because I don't post selfies on instagram twice a day - what a horrible concept! Thinking about this now I feel completely barbaric and ashamed for this side of mine that is so terribly judgmental. 

Same thing goes for make-up. As I mentioned, make up is not a subject of conversation between me and my friends very often and I used to think that I would never be one of the people that put on make up - ever. That being said I might mention that the day I went to school with a tiny bit of mascara on was one of my most anxious ones yet and that's again all because of the fact that I've started seeing being 'girly' as a negative thing for some reason. I want to make clear that nobody is to blame for this except for myself.

Now I know many of you probably can't directly relate to this because I don't think this is a very common issue but there's still something I want you to be taking away from this. I want you to know  that you shouldn't be afraid to show off how beautiful you are - whether that be through social media or just in general. I have found myself ashamed of pictures of myself in which I actually thought I looked pretty ways too often just because of the fact that I perceived them as too normal and girly. 

With that we come to the second topic: Just like knowing that it's okay to show off a picture you like I think we should all know that it's okay to be proud of the things we've achieved. There's a difference between being bigheaded and being proud of an achievement. Whenever I'm done writing a post and actually post it on the internet I go on to tweet about it - maybe even put a little picture on instagram to get it out there. Pretty normal right? But just like with the previous point I often feel guilty and bad about 'showing off' my work this desperately and I'm often scared to come off bigheaded and self-consumed. 

That's not how it should be. I don't know about you all - maybe the things I just described are completely insane to you and you've never felt similarly; well then you better be glad. The basic message I'm trying to get our here is that it's okay to be proud of something you've done and you have every right to show the world what you did. 

Now, enough preaching from me, I hope you get my point. All in all it comes down to the fact that there's one thing we should stop doing: Judging others. 

I hope to see you very soon on here, maybe with something different than another post full of me rambling about first world problems (I've still got a ton of topics I want to write about, though!!)!

xx Solange

P.S: If you were to leave a cheeky little comment and maybe tell me what you think about this topic it would most definitely make my day :)

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