Finding The Balance

Do I need to take a pictue of this? Is this moment one to capture or is it best to leave it as it is, settled in my memory rather than in a photograph? These are questions I ask myself quite often and as a person that tends to take pictures of everything and anything just for the sake of taking a picture and capturing moments these questions aren't easy to answer.

In the modern world of internet and media, capturing things on video or picture is everything. Not few people even capture their whole life and post it for the world to see in the form of daily vlogging and don't get me wrong - I absolutely love watching vlogs and I pretty definitely do it a bit more than I should - but sometimes I find it nothing but annoying that we all have to pull our phone out and take a picture of everyting. I'm personally very guilty of this, I can't go around town without snapping a picture every here and there because there's so many things screaming at me to be captured and I just can't help myself.

As some of you may know I'm currently on a challenge that me and a few friends have set ourselves - I'm going absolutely and completely smartphone-less for the whole of March. Crazy I know. The post on that is coming as soon as the whole experience is over! I still have a phone but it's a brick-y Nokia and there's not really much to do with it - anyways the point of it is that with my iPhone there's also the portable all around handy phonecamera locked away in my chest of drawers. My nokia does actually have a camera but as a modern teenager that grew up in the 2000s a 3.2 megapixel camera isn't really doing the job. 

So now that I don't have a camera with me everywhere anymore the fact that everybody always takes pictures of everything is getting to me even more as I'm not really part of it anymore. Just to get to the point and inspiration of this post: generally, I don't take pictures of sunsets (the head picture is just an exception, I promise, haha). The pictures never turn out the way I want them to, they are unpersonal and you can find much better and prettier pictures of sunsets on the internet. That's just my opinion. And there's a third reason: I think sunsets are just ways better in person and I don't like ruining them by taking my phone or camera out and only see it on the screen. 

I don't know if this is a very clear example (I guess you still get my point, haha) but there are just moments where it's not okay to get your phone out. Don't ruin your girls night by taking out your phone. Why even go to a concert if you'll only see it through the screen of your phone? Do you really need a gazillion pictures of that concert to post on instagram? 

Lastly I'd just like to address a last little subject linked to this; Before you take a picture, no matter what kind, ask yourself for the reason you're doing this. Is it because you love photographing? Is it because you need it for your blog? Or is it purely because you want to? If these are the questions you can honestly answer with yes, I think that's great. But please, never take pictures just to be that person that likes photography because that seems to have been soooo popular lately (I'm probably guilty of that one, too). Also, if you're taking the picture just to post it somewhere and show off your perfect life - I don't know about you but I don't think anybody has a perfect life so why bother pretending?

Anyways, this post is completely and honestly all over the place - I don't even remember with what intention in mind
I started writing this - all in all I still believe I've gotten a point across. So remember, think about whether or not it's necessary to take that shot. And if you know me personally and I'm all too caught up taking pictures again and forget to live the moment (happens ways too often...), feel free to tell me and remind me that there are moments that are better in memory than on pictures. Find the balance.

I hope you're having an absolutely fantastic Sunday and hope you have a great start of the week tomorrow :) See you soon!


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