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Hello, everybody. I have been out of the game for quite a while - again. Haha, I don't even have an excuse - I've just generally suffered from a rather uninspired mindset lately...BUT. Things have changed quite a lot around here!

For those of you who haven't visited this blog before, here's what's new:

First of all, the name. I have changed the name of this blog numerous times, never being quite satisfied with whatever name I came up with. First it was "creativia" and let me just tell you: I'm very very glad I changed that pretty soon because it's not a very creative name for a blog, is it? The second time I named my little corner on the internet after the French phrase "c'est la vie" (it's life). Again, I changed that pretty soon after coming up with it because it just doesn't have very much to do with what I talk about in my posts - both these names just seemed very disconnected from what I want to do and write about and I never felt as though it was something that had much of a connection to the actual posts. 

The third name I came up with is probably what most of you know it under: "out of focus". This name seemed much much much more connected to the blog itself and I still really like it to this day - it hints the photography related things on here and I like to believe that it's something that sticks quite well - even though I have to admit that it really isn't the most original name ever to be found for a blog.

So as you can now see, after about two years of knowing and loving my blog as "out of focus", I've taken my naming game a step further and decided to change again. It's been on my mind for a while and I've finally come to dare to make a change. So from today onward, it's solange's bloggin. Bringing my name into this is new to me - and makes it a lot more personal. As you may also notice is the fact that my face is finally there for the world to see. 

From the first day I started blogging on to a few months ago I told myself that I was too young to put my face onto the internet for anybody to see. That was my reasoning as to why not to put pictures of myself up there. Considering that I was only 13 when I started blogging, this may be partly true. But most of all, I've just been scared. Scared of people finding out, people laughing. Yup. That was my reason not to show my face and hide behind the keyboard. 

Well, as you can see, that's not the case anymore. You're probably still not going to see too much of me because I genuinely don't feel too comfortable in front of cameras and I still don't really feel the need to put photographs of me all over the place but I'm still glad that you all can finally get an even closer look into my life.

Thanks for putting up with that huge pile of ramble, ramble and more ramble! I'll see you soon with another post - it may or may not be about books...


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