Going Smartphone-less for A Month - Teeny Tiny Thoughts - Wednesday

Disclaimer: Sorry this took me so long to post, I'm aware that March is already far, far gone and it's nearly May - yet I still believe this post to be important enough to be shared with the world.

Febuary 28th, 2017:
Everybody has a phone. Everybody. Okay, maybe grandma Nancy not but, I mean everyone has one. And I dare to say that at least 75% of all the phone-owners own a smartphone. Including myself. So as I like to set myself challenges every once in a while (such as going vegetarian for a year or going completely social media-less for two weeks), I've now come up with another challenge - probably one of the hardest ones yet.

Challenge: Living without a smartphone, in my case an iPhone, for the entirety of March - starting at 12AM of the 1st, ending at 12 PM of the 31st. 

The idea came up during a lunch break at school when one of my very outspoken friends for some reason started ranting about technology and how much we depend on it - so instead of only agreeing with said opinion (I do agree!) I decided that we could just go smartphone-less for a month. An entire month. That's 31 days. 
So what's happening is that me and two of my friends that were courageous enough are taking on the challenge and trying to survive with dazzlingly old Nokia phone. To some of you this may not seem like a big deal at all. For three 15-16 years young teenagers that basically live their life online it is a rather huge deal. So here are my personal experiences as I documented them throughout March:

March 1st:

"It's weird not being able to pull out my phone any second & I really want to scroll trough my instagram"

March 2nd:

"At the moment it's actually quite alright and surprisingly liberating not to have the urge to go through my social media all the time"
March 3rd:

"Not gonna lie, it's hard. Definitely harder than I thought."

March 4th:

"I studied a full 10 pages of French vocabulary - something I never could have done if there was a phone there to destract me."

- gap - 

March 24th:

"The thought of my phone almost makes me feel nostalgic because I haven't seen, touched or used it in so long."

April 25th, 2017:

It was hard. A few days in I definitely had my doubts as to whether or not I was going to survive. But every once in a while we just have to put our tiny little first world problems aside and see the world as it is. Seriously, who am I if I can't life without a phone in my pocket at all times?

It wasn't easy to connect to people the way I can with my phone and I had to pay for every SMS I wrote. DRAMATIC! Still it was one fantastic experience! It made me realise so many things; how depending we are on our devices, how much control my phone has over my life and how ridiculous things I've started caring about instead of putting my energy into something else.

After the first rough days of being phone less, I felt absolutely liberated. Incredibly free in my actions and much much more independent. 


Though this has been an absolutley amazing experience and I'd recommend it for anyone to try and see, I'm back to life with a smartphone. Not in the exact same way as I was before March though, I've definitely reduced my phone-time to about half the time it was before that month and I care much less about things like my instagram followers and snapchat-streaks. Looking back at it now, it's actually pretty sad it mattered so much to me in the first place.

Anyways, I don't want to be here telling you to throw your phone out of the window, I strongly believe phones are a great blessing and they are in fact allowing us to connect to people all around the world - something I would not want to give up if it wasn't necessary! But as strongly as I believe phones to be great, they're also pretty shit at times. Let's be honest, they're addicting. We all spend too much time on them. All of us.

All in all, it was a great month and I enjoy looking back at it. If anybody's in, I'll go smartphone-less again any time - under the condition that I'm not doing it alone, haha! Maybe I'll even give up phones completely some day (believe it or not, people have been known to survive without cellphones!), who knows...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this rambling mess of nothingness and I'll see you again next time (which in this case means probably not very soon because I'm pretty bad at posting regularly) and I hope you have a pretty flippin marvelous day!


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