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warning: i'm weird
we've been getting quite the thunderstorms around here lately and with the thunderbolts and lightning comes not only fresh air but also rain and pure joy. i've always loved thunderstorms. though they terrify me and i always genuinely think the house is going to burn down when it gets too wild. i still love them. it's so fascinating. literal bolts of light and electricity shoot from the sky, followed by an incredibly loud BANG. isn't that just amazing? okay, maybe it's just me. 

yesterday: there i was, sat on the balcony, casually scrolling through my instagram feed, when suddenly - and when i say suddenly i mean completely and utterly out of nowhere - it's pouring down literal strings of water. at this point, every normal person would get the hell into a house as fast as possible in any way. but not me. my immediate reaction to said sudden outburst of rain was "let's get into it". and that's what i did. 

i must've looked like a lunatic standing in the middle of my garden at 6pm, rain pouring down all over me. but i loved it. i genuinely did. i strongly recommend for anybody to do it. maybe not every day, but every once in a while, a little shower by nature is exactly what you need. as for me, it's made me feel extremely happy and refreshed.

all in all an experience worth every drop of water (and a hot shower afterwards), a true cleanse of mind. 


i love you all v much,


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