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Well hello everybody. This post is going to be kind of different form the usual ones because it's less for the world out there to read, but more for me to reread and remember later on (and also: my inner Belieber is probably occasionally showing trough, haha). With this said, I think it's pretty clear by the title what this is about - I was lucky enough to be able to go and see mah good old buddy (let your girl dream, okay?) Justin Drew Bieber at the Purpose Tour here in Switzerland on June 15th 2017 - not that I didn't pay for it, the concert surely cost me a sack of money, sweat and stress - but in my opinion it was more than worth it and i would do it again any time.

Concerts are generally something I enjoy very much (who doesn't anyway), no matter what kind of concerts. From classical orchestras to very modern concerts like this one, I like them all. Music brings people with different views, opinions and religions together again and again and that's what i find fantastic about concerts. You're there in this huge room/arena and no matter what the person next to you may believe in, you're all there for that one same artist/group and everybody's there to have a good time. The fact that concerts are a great place to do some photography work is another perk that I enjoy a bunch.

First things first, I was lucky enough to go to one of the few shows of the whole tour where Halsey was as a special guest. She performed for about an hour and even though I've not really been following her as an artist before, I can safely say that she's got some skills and no matter if you like her music or not, she surely is a very good singer. 

Now for the part where Justin Bieber performed... There's not really much to say (or may i say there's so much to say that it would be impossible to write it all down, haha). I thought he was absolutely brilliant and even though I knew beforehand that he was really good, I never expected him to be this good. As I also said before (i think), regardless if you like him as a person, regardless if you like the kind of music he makes, he can sing fairly well. That's not an opinion, that's a fact. About the other things you may discuss. 

As for the pictures, I have to apologize for the horrible quality - as in most concerts, there was no way to get a somewhat usable camera into the stadium and I therefore had to relay on my iPhone SE - a trusty way to capture moments, though not comparable to an actual camera when it comes to quality. Some of the pictures are even screenshots of videos, which makes the quality even worse.

Lastly I can't help but write a few sentences about concerts and phones. Personally I'm one of the people that always try to keep the phone alway as much as possible and live life in the moment - but at the same time I always feel the need to capture aesthetically pleasing things. I already wrote about this dilemma in a previous post called 'Finding The Balance' and as mentioned there, I always find it very difficult to decide whether or not to take out my phone and 'get that shot' or just enjoy the moment as it is. At concerts I find it pretty sad that many people see the whole thing through their phones - something they could easily do at home in their bed. Still I understand very well that you want to have something that you can look back on and remember. All in all I think I did fairly well with deciding when to get my phone out and when not - although that means that I have a little less pictures to share. 

Now you may enjoy the, in my opinion, best picture I took on that glorious evening:

As a last little note, I'd like to share a few tips for future concert goers:
  • If you plan on going early in order to get a good spot, bring water. A lot of water.
  • If the weather forecast is anything above 20 degrees, wear shorts and the lightest clothing you posess.
  • Be prepared for your eardrums to be absolutely wrecked by the screaming fangirl next to you.
  • If you want to take nice pictures, take pictures. Don't think "Oh, I'll take a video, I can screenshot it later!"
  • Bring even more water or money to buy some.
  • Have the best time of your life and don't be scared of what the fangirl next to you may think of you.
  • Be kind to the people around you.

and with that i say goodbye, see you soon! Solange

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