hello. my name is solange. i'm sixteen years young and most of the times i don't have a clue what's going on with my life. this blog has been a part of my life for more than quite a while now. 

things are going to change around here. revolution. not to be dramatic but as a sixteen years young teenager i constantly feel the need to change things up, revolutionize and get new things on. so as you have seen, it's been a while since i've last posted. the whole of may has been one huge rush of things happening, some good, some not so pleasant and most of them oddly irrelevant. 

anyways. i want this blog to be more about photography. i want photography to be more present and to be honest, this one month of pure blog-lessness has been pretty eyeopening. the reason for the lack of post wasn't that i didn't have enough time. it wasn't that i didn't still have two full pages in my notebook, full of ideas for future blogposts. the reason why i haven't posted in this month is because i didn't want to. i didn't feel the need to, the ideas i had weren't bad but not what i wanted to do. in fact, quite a few of my recent blogposts were things that, looking back now, didn't come from heart. they were just scribbly bubbly posts i made for the sake of posting. 

what's new?

  • Gallery. you have probably not noticed the new tab on the top of this website, but it is there! I will be putting up pictures onto the 'gallery' - just pictures i want the world to see. 
  • Layout. the whole layout has changed on here, this blog has now a completely new template and i hope you like it as much as i do.
  • Content. what's there more to say? the content will probably change. i'm not entirely sure in what direction i'll go, but for all of those who still had a tiny little flinch of hope to see me post about makeup and outfits will probably be disappointed. 
i hope to see you in my next post. see yah.

xx solange

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