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Hello and welcome! Months ago I asked Kate if she was up for some sort of collab - with no specifics in mind whatsoever. Now, quite a few weeks and twitter DMs later,  I'm very exited to show you my first ever collaboration post (or whatever these things are called). Kate and I both asked one another 10 questions about blogging and life in general and here come the answers! 

Here on my blog you find Kate's answers to my questions - you should definitely go check out my answers to her questions over on her blog here.

1. What was your motivation or inspiration to start blogging? How did you pick fashion and beauty as the main subject of your blog?

Kate: I always used to read blogs when I was around in Year 7 and I never really thought that it would be possible for me to have my own but one day my Dad showed me Wordpress and Blogger and showed me how easy it would be to make my own. I then made a blog when I was in Year 8 and used it for around 5 months and then stopped it and then I made this blog in Year 9 which I wanted to do as I was really inspired my other blogs as I started reading more blogs around that time and thought I might as well give it another shot.

I choose to focus my blog on fashion and beauty as I've always loved fashion and beauty and I knew it would come easy to write about them and I love anything to do with them both! My first blog was more focused towards fashion however I've become much more interested and more 'skilled' with beauty and as well I didn't want to feel restricted on this blog which is why I didn't name it anything specific as my old blog had 'fashion' in it's name.

2. What are, in your opinion, the perks of being a blogger? Is there anything a bit annoying about the blogging community?

Kate: I personally think one of the main perks of having my blog is that it's something that I love to do and it's become such a great part of my life that I'd never want to stop. I love how I'm able to write and post about whatever I want to and be creative in such an enjoyable way. Also I've met some amazing people along the way which is such a good perk of my blog and I would never have thought when I started my blog that I would be able to talk to so many amazing people!

I can't think of anything annoying in the blogging community. Everyone that I've came across has been so lovely and helpful and I would say the people in the blogging community are the nicest people in the world!!

3. Have you ever had a negative experience because or around your blog?

Kate: I cannot think of anything negative that's ever happened from my blog, I feel like my blog is my happy place and I couldn't imagine anything negative happening around it. The only bad thing I could think of is when I try really hard for a blog post and it doesn't do very well but that's not that negative, it's just disappointing for myself and I'm sure if you have a blog yourself you will understand! It always seems to be the posts you try the hardest on don't do as well!

4. What's your advice to somebody who would like to start a blog?

Kate: My advice for anyone who wants to start a blog is just to be yourself and never let anyone or anything stop you. Sounds cheesy but being yourself on your blog makes it unique and when you're being yourself it's so easy to write content. And I would always say to never, ever, ever let anything stop you as I was always a bit apprehensive to start my blog from the fear of people finding out but now if people I know did find my blog then I'd be proud (after having a mental breakdown). If you want to do it, do it.

5. What are you doing when you're not blogging?

Kate: Good question as if I have any spare time I'm most likely to go straight to my blog! But I like trying to do as much exercise as I can, it definitely clears my mind going on bike rides and running as well as the highlight of my week, zumba! If I'm not blogging, I'm most likely to be found curled up on the couch watching Netflix with some chocolate or crisps. I also love going on family days out which I love as I can spend time with my family whilst relaxing and it takes my mind of things or if I'm not doing any of these then the likely-hood is that I'll be shopping!

6. What do you like most about yourself? (Looks or personality wise - doesn't matter)

Kate: I find this question quite hard as there's nothing that stands out to me when I think of what I like about myself when I think about what I like about myself but I think the main thing would be that I like how I'm reliable and trusted by people. I know that the close people around me can trust me and I'm always someone to turn to. However looks wise about myself it would probably be my hair, I hate my hair when it's not straightened but when I style it I love my hair and I always keep my hair in good condition, so that would probably be my favourite thing!

7. What kind of advice would you give to your younger self?

Kate: If I had to give advice to my younger self it would probably be to always believe in myself and to never let anything stupid get to me. I definitely feel like I've lost a lot of confidence in myself over the last couple of years and there were times when I really let the tiniest of things got to me and it never helps that I ridiculously overthink! Oh and it would also be to never go to the hairdressers and get a bob as it ruined my childhood... (disasters of a 10 year old).

8. If you could change on thing on earth, what would you change?

Kate: I feel like I would want to change so many things on this earth, some small and some more on a bigger scale. But the thing I would probably change in this world would be for there to be equality everywhere as everyone should be treated equally. No matter on your gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity or anything, there should always be equality. One thing I'd love to change is for equal jobs and pay for everyone doing the same profession, it does get me very angry as it's unfair, so that would definitely be something I would change. I know equality is slowing improving and if you compare it to how it used to be then it's incredible to see how equality has changed but I still feel like the world has a way to go for complete equality.

9. Are you more of a "human being" or a "human doing"?

Kate: This question really got me thinking and I'm still a bit unsure but I would day I'm more of a human being. Although part of me is a human doing as somedays I'm busy doing jobs, I always find time to relax, spend time with family and friends and not doing anything so I would have to say I'm mostly a human being. I mostly feel a bit in the middle as I feel like I'm different everyday!

10. Last but not least - what are your favourite youtubers/bloggers? Why?

Kate: I follow quite a lot of bloggers and YouTubers so I always find it hard when I have to say my favourites. But in terms of 'big/famous' bloggers, my favourites have to be InTheFrow who I absolutely her blog and YouTube and she is my all round idol as she started as a student which is so inspirational. Also her fashion sense is to die for and she is such a kind and genuine person and I love watching her and Alex's (her boyfriend) vlogs as they travel quite a bit so they're my favourite vlogs! I also love to read Hello October which is wrote by Suzie as her blog is so professional and you can see she puts so much effort into it and her photography is insane!

A couple of my favourite blogs have to be (although I find it so hard to narrow down as I have so many!!) ;

Here we go, these were Kate's answers to my questions! I hope you had as much fun reading them as I had during the whole process of coming up with the questions. Also A HUGE thank you to Kate for making this possible! 

Again, don't forget to check out her blog over on luxekate.blogspot.co.uk!

What do you think about her answers? What are your answers to the questions?

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