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feminism. A word that is so much talked about, everybody has an opinion on it, everybody has a different perception of what it really is. So as there are so may different opinions out there already, mine comes to follow in this post. 

If you know me personally, you know that I wouldn't necessarily call myself a feminist. Being a female myself said statement often gets me weird looks and a shitload of judgement. But let me set this clear. I do think feminism is important. I do think feminism is needed in all parts of the world still. And I do by no means hold anything against feminists. I just don't feel the need to label myself. In my eyes, by being a woman you are already a feminist, without having to label yourself that. Surely there's women out there that are strictly saying that they don't support feminism whatsoever, which, to me, proves that if you don't proclaim differently, all females are in some shape or form feminists and there's no need for every single one to label themselves so. And that's why I don't call myself a feminist.

That set aside I can now come to the actual message I want this post to have. The whole post is directed at only one particular subtopic of feminism, but one I believe to be very important, especially in the more western circles where I dare to say that gender equality (at lest when it comes to laws, maybe not so much when it comes to society) is on a pretty advanced level. May I just quickly mention that this post is not entirely coming from just my own thinking, though I've had this opinion for long I've never felt the need to post about it until recently, when I saw Becca Jayne tweet something about it on twitter. So part of the credit for this post goes to her and her lovely blog for inspiring and pushing me (though without the intention to, just saying) to write this. 

I often see people that call themselves feminists talk shit about fellow females with no right or reason behind. And that's where the problem is for me. If course you're not going to get on well with everybody, no matter their gender, and as humans we're always going to gossip as it's part of our society and life in general - but what pains me is to see people that say they're feminists call other females sluts and other names not worth mentioning, most of the times with no reason to do so. And at the same time you're going to get mad at men if they do the same? Really? What is the difference between a man or a woman calling other females names? In my opinion you don't have the right to anger yourself over the fact that women get called sluts while men are praised if they "get a lot of girls" if you're one of the people calling girls sluts. Not sure if that sentence made sense at all but I think you know what I'm trying to get across. 

"It's interesting that you who describe yourself a feminist,
 are calling other girls 'sluts'. Guys don't call guys sluts. 
So if you think that's unfair, you have to stop calling girls sluts."
 - Noora Sætre in my favourite ever series there
 is in the whole wide world, Skam.

All in all, we as women just need to stand together and stop tearing one another down. That's when "girl power" or whatever you want to call it arises. Slutshaming is not an issue that emerges from the male only.

thank u.

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