Hello. My name is Solange. I'm sixteen years young based in the beautiful country of Switzerland and most of the times I don't have a clue what's going on. You'll often find me with a camera or a book only a handgrip away and whenever I'm not complaining about something, I'm probably having philosophical thoughts and on the edge of an existential crisis because e to the i pi equals -1 and that's too much to take.

This blog is a place for me where I share things I love, things I'm proud of, things I create and things that occupy my mind.

more information about the person behind the keyboard here (slightly outdated though).

find me on:

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Equipment i use for my pictures:

1. iPhone SE
2. Olloclip 4in1-Lens: Fisheye-Lens, Wide-Angle-Lens, Micro 15x, Micro 10x (more here)

3. Sony Alpha 5000

  • Standard Lens: E 3.5-5.6, 16-50 mm OSS
  • Zoom Lens: E 4.5-6.3, 55-210mm OSS

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